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Saturday in the snow

Saturday in the snow

The first snowfall in Ithaca so far this year.

  • Gingrich poses an asymmetrical threat to Obama.  Isn’t that how you fight an opponent which is better funded and better organized?
  • All those commentators at The Washington Examiner who hate Newt because he was a “lobbyist” in reality if not legally, are curiously silent about Mitt Romney’s Lobbyist Connections.  (I guess lefty-bloggers and websites will have to do the vetting for us, after the nomination.)
  • In a profile of Newt’s conversions to Catholicism which is not a complete and total hit job, NYT makes sure to point out Newt’s a new breed of “culture wars Catholic.”  Because the NYT loved that old breed of Catholic, right?
  • Keystone pipeline is part of payroll “tax” (not really a tax, supposed to be FICA contribution) holiday extension, but not really.  Simply forces Obama to make a decision sooner, but expect him to come up with a non-decision decision.  Nonetheless, a small victory.
  • John Bolton on the greatest misconception that Democrats have about Republicans
  • Rudy in trouble.
  • A different Rudy gives a full-throttled defense of Newt. (h/t hamilcarb in the Tip Line)
  • There will be a third-party on the ballot in all 57 states.  Seems like a Decaffinated Party.  My feeling is that it hurts Obama, what say you?
  • Hezbollah killer of 5 American soldiers handed over to Iraqis.  How long before he’s released or miraculously escapes? (I say weeks not months).
  • Flashback: Hitchens Gives Finger to Maher’s Studio Audience for ‘Frivolous’ Jeering (warning, shows Hitch giving the finger, multiple times)
  • Obama’s mentor makes list of Top 10 anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements of 2011. (h/t reader Rick)
  • Memories.  Bill Whittle on Palin Haters. (embed below)  Listening to this gets me furious, again.


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“There will be a third-party on the ballot in all 57 states. Seems like a Decaffinated Party. My feeling is that it hurts Obama, what say you?”

I’d agree – if anyone, it most hurts Obama. Judging by the list of people associated with it, the target seems to be the independent voter. If the independent voter is split, the race goes to whomever got the most out of his base. Obama’s base is drifting away in large numbers.

DINORightMarie | December 17, 2011 at 9:59 am

Thanks for the Bill Whittle video link – it reminds me of what we’re up against, and where we’ve been. That small bit at the end on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals alone is something every American needs to watch! And – that is what Obama taught, lived, excelled in prior to the 2008 election.

Great collection of links…..I will be taking more time to read them all.

Enjoy the snow! 😀

You may have heard of “cafeteria Catholics,” Catholics who pick and chose which Church teachings they like and don’t like.
Well, Nancy Pelosi, who make a big deal about her Catholicism, is a “junk-food Catholic.”

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | December 17, 2011 at 10:39 am

That John Bolton clip is wonderful. It could not be said more succintly and eloquently.

A news item I need to share — Tea Party Patriot national coordinator arrested in New York on bogus firearm charge: If CA is Hell, NY is Hell’s Toilet

“One of Obama’s great advantages over his potential GOP opponents has been a “brain gap,” the sense that, for all his failings, Obama has greater intellectual firepower than most Republicans in the race.”

—Really?? He doesn’t strike me as overly bright at all. I see that completely as media-created mythology. I’m sure he’s of above-average intelligence, but … great “intellectual firepower”? Give me a break.

LukeHandCool (who feels sorry for the snow birds trapped by the cruelly cold snow … and who can relate somewhat in that, as he jogged on the beach yesterday with his daughter on a gloriously warm, clear day, the sky and sea as magically blue as Luke’s eyes … hundreds of Snowy Plover chicks scurried to and fro along the shoreline).

    I’ve never understood that either. I like the way the author uses the word “sense” as well. As if he knows it’s all BS but that the media did an excellent job brainwashing people into “sensing” that Obama is the smartest guy evah.

    I’ve always been puzzled at the “great orator” title as well. He’s monotone and stilted and can’t speak off the cuff and most of what he says is meaningless drivel made to sound inspiring but lacking any depth or resonance. Bill Clinton could running circles around him in public speaking and we won’t even bring Reagan into it. Wouldn’t be fair…

Bill Whittle is one of the best. He packs a lot into 13 minutes. Thanks for the reminder about the inability of elites to figure out the important things in life, including the specialness and wonder of Sarah Palin.

Romney sounded pretty strong on Greta last night. But just as Cain’s 999 plan drew others out to be more specific, Gingrich’s strong debates may have drawn Romney out of a more squishy “inevitable candidate” stance.

That is the problem with the trashing of Gingrich … let Romney “fight for it” and stake out his conservative position with voters. Instead we get establishment talking heads and big money sniping every candidate except THEIR choice, and Romney gets to remain a squish.

Thanks for the Bolton clip. It got me thinking how awesome it would have been to have had him on stage during the debates. I bet he’d have had some great exchanges with Newt.

Not surprised to see Wright on the Wiesenthal list.

Love that Hitchens clip; I posted it on my facebook right after his death was announced. Great bait for my one Marxist friend.

I wonder if anyone ever asks Jim Messina if he’s seen Kenny Loggins lately.

I love that Afterburner from Bill Whittle. As a Palin supporter I’ve watched many times now. It always makes me feel better. But I have one quibble because of a distinction Bill makes at the end between “garden variety Democrats” and Alinsky radicals. That’s a mistake too many conservatives make and it drives me to near insanity sometimes when I read conservative blogs.

I’ve come to the conclusion that conservatives will never wise up and realize that the hatred liberals have for them is visceral and widespread. It’s not just the Alinsky radicals, or the nut jobs at The Daily Kos or HuffPo, or the legion of hateful “trolls” who comment on the internet. Those people are not “fringe”. They ARE the Democrat Party. They ARE liberals. Sure, the vast majority may have never heard of Saul Alinsky, but they are with the program. They hate Christians, they hate Jews, they hate America and every thing it stands for. And they are everywhere. They’re your friends, your neighbors, and your relatives. And they absolutely hate your guts.

I wish conservatives understood that. Maybe then they’d fight to win.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Jaynie59. | December 17, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    My experience is more like yours Jaynie … there are Alinsky Democrats that deliberately spew the venom.

    Then there are the other Democrats that soak up the hate, and smugly condemn as ignorant, racist, etc., any that don’t bow to the liberal religion. That is the product of popular turkeys like Stewart et al.

    angela in reply to Jaynie59. | December 17, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    My favorite is when liberals casually call conservatives evil, heartless, and only worthy of scorn but then look at me and say, “Well, but not you, of course.”

      LukeHandCool in reply to angela. | December 17, 2011 at 4:43 pm


      My older sister had a store and one of her customers (small, nickel-and-dime customer) was a photographer. My sister hired her as the photographer for her daughter’s wedding.

      Sometime later she was in my sister’s store and the radio station my sister had on went to the news and mentioned something about Bush. She started ranting to my sister about “evil Republicans/conservatives” etc., and was going on and on. My sister good-naturedly (so the woman wouldn’t continue to embarrass herself) said, “Um, Sherry, I just want to let you know … I’m a Repuplican.”

      My sister said Sherry just stared at her in disbelief, and repeated a few times, “Oh my God … you’re a Republican! Oh my God! You’re serious … Oh my God … you’re a Republican …”

      My sister said she just laughed and tried to make light of it all … but she kept saying, “Oh my God … you’re a Republican.”

      She never visited my sister’s store again! Unbelievable. These people are crazy.

      LukeHandCool (whose sister recently told Luke that on her 18th birthday she went and secretly registered as a Republican … even though our parents still considered themselves liberal Democrats at the time. Even Luke thinks that’s a littl scary. You’re supposed to have a pass until you’re 30 being a brain-dead liberal, as the saying goes. Luke’s sister always amazes him … but he still finds registering as a Republican at 18 when you grew up in a liberal family to be a bit much).

        A conservative co-worker of mine (the only one besides myself) went out to the bar with the rest of the staff one night. Politics came up and my co-worker admitted he was a conservative. One lady looked at him and said, “Well, you are AT LEAST pro-choice, right?” As if that would make it more tolerable.

        He said no, that he was very much pro-life. She refused to talk to him after that unless it was necessary and a few years later, at one crazy absinthe-fueled Christmas party, she actually tried to strangle him.

        (I’m always entertained by your parenthetical codas.)

My dream has been to see ____ win the presidency with Bolton as VP, Palin as SecInt, Bachmann as SecTres, John Eastman as AG, and Petraeus as SecDef, with the caveat that each would be allowed to run their department as they see fit.

Given our current likely slate, this would require Romney to get a clue, or Gingrich to stifle his ego. In fact, both could learn a good lesson from Barack Obama – you are not nearly as smart as you have been led to believe, and your handlers will always lie to you while maneuvering broachable bulkheads behind your back.