One of my friends circulated a link to a disturbing article from WaPo: When an adult took standardized tests forced on kids.

Basically, an “administrator” with a BS and two MAs flunked this extremely basic 10th grade Florida state math test.

This is the test in question: 

After reading his review of the test, I was genuinely concerned that I would do poorly. Here is the answer guide:

I did the 40 back questions of the test and got 39 correct using the calculator on my iphone. Math has never been my strong suit; I always got respectable grades but it was with far more effort than I applied to my science, foreign language, and English courses. This, however, was not a hard test. It was pretty basic and any formulas I may have forgotten were provided at the beginning.

I hope he intentionally did poorly to make his lame point about the unfairness of high-stakes testing (“sandbagging”). Otherwise, we’re in more trouble than I thought.