Rick Perry has filed a lawsuit over his exclusion from the Virginia ballot.

His website link to the pleading is overloaded, so I don’t know the specifics, updates to follow.

Update:  The link keeps freezing but I managed to download the Complaint, here it is.

(added) I claim no expertise in election law, but it does surprise me that there are only two counts (restriction on use of out of state circulators and freedom of association/speech). It’s not clear that the reason Perry failed to meet the requirement was the use of out of state circulators, and requiring valid signatures (put aside number) would not seem to impose some unconstituional restriction. The complaint indicates that Perry submitted only 6000 valid signatures, but published reports indicated almost twice that many. I’m surprised there was no issue made of the fact that Romney and Paul petitions were not verified because of an arbitrary decision that only petitions under 15,000 would be checked, a decision which apparenly was changed only a few weeks ago. Again, I’m not claiming election law expertise, but it does seem like the Complaint has the wrong focus.

Perry VA Ballot Access