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Positive Negative

Positive Negative

Both Newt’s campaign (first video below) and a pro-Newt SuperPAC have hit the airwaves in Iowa with positive ads.

Meanwhile, I assume that the massive Romney SuperPAC ad buy will be hitting the airwaves in Iowa at the same time.

There is no question that the negative ads have hurt Newt, who has not even had the money to run positive ads with any frequency. I have to wonder how this will play out in the final week, with the contrast between the relentless attacks on Newt, and the positive message.


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DINORightMarie | December 27, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Both solid, positive messages, although I do find it unfortunate that Newt’s ad shows him stating (with Perry nodding in the background) that “government doesn’t create jobs” and the PAC ad states that Newt “created 11 million jobs.” But, hey, that is what the numbers were when he was speaker…….

Hopefully these will resonate enough for people to make up their minds; from what Byron York says in his Washington Examiner column, these polls are deceiving in that the Republicans, who are the only ones who will be able to “vote” in the caucus, are mostly undecided as yet; so, Paul may not be as high up as we have been led to believe.

Less than a week! We will see. I hope Newt’s positive ads make an impact on those undecideds. 🙂

I’m glad he got some ads up, but they’re both pretty weak.
He needs a professional ad agency to get up some kick ass commercials.
Good for you, Newt.
I’m finally all in for Newt, after seeing how the cocktail party Republicans are attacking him. I’m starting to believe that the Republican party actually WANTS to lose to Obama.

Staying positive was a good strategy back when Newt was polling in the stratosphere, but now that his numbers have come back down to earth, I think he’d be better off going after Romney.

The reality is, though, Newt probably doesn’t have the money to go after Romney.

I’m very suspicious of Romney and his supporters in the Virginia fiasco… I didn’t like Romney to begin with, but I am seriously growing to actively dislike him.

    ncmont in reply to Astroman. | December 28, 2011 at 7:04 am

    I agree, just by their attitudes Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman are making me hate the Republican party. I will refuse to campaign for.Romney.

DINORightMarie | December 27, 2011 at 6:25 pm

@Astroman, it is interesting that Bill Bolling, the current lieutenant governor here in Virginia, is Romney’s state election head. I find that most…..suspicious. Stinking suspicious.

There are a few articles, which the Professor has linked, that make me wonder if, after the holidays, the VA GOP will try to save face a bit, and allow both Perry and Newt onto the ballot. When we have national politicos, lawyers of note, and political experts criticizing the last-minute changes to qualifying for the ballot, the process becomes the focus – which I don’t think the GOP here in VA wants.

Not with a law suit pending on that very subject.

Inverting the Robert Heinlein quote; I am leaning towards Newt because he is a dishonest politician, he doesn’t stay bought. I’m not sure that the same can be said of the others, particularly Romney.

Yes — we definitely need to *insist* that Virginia stop the practice of verifying signatures. Next thing you know those rascals will want to check ID as well. We want a Republican candidate who knows how to play the democrat’s game!

Expected headline: “VA GOP Endorses Back Room Politics”. Way to go, establishment GOP. Gotta luv it. Driving voters away from the most critical presidential election ever. Beyond stupid.

I love Newt’s ad – that’s what we’ve been waiting for – the newt who spoke in thedebates. The Christmas/GeorgeWashington/Delaware ad was ok, but too soft spoken and almost saccharine – THIS is what we need, someone who lays it out in clear, no uncertain terms.

The second ad, the PAC ad – meh. They should put the money behind a nice run of ads like the Newt ad.

Here are a few plus minus absurdios regarding Newt vs Mitt
Mitt is a say anything candidate while Newt will say what is on his mind (not always good but sometime spectacular)
We elect senators and governors to the presidency, and sometimes Generals.
Romney is pretty, Newt is scruffy. Women like pretty men used to trend for scruffy
Newt created, yes created, the atmosphere that allowed for the first time a Republican House and a Republican Senate. Mitt has no Federal experience and was an unpopular and fairly ineffective Gov. in a state so blue it is suffocating.
Mitt has the establishment behind him. Mitt has the press behind him. Mitt, seems to have, the Repubs giving him the good old loyal, “you have worked so long and hard” mantel that they gave Dole and McCain.
Newt doesn’t know that there is a box to think within, Mitt he likes the Big Box
Newts got more baggage than a bullet train to a debutant ball, Mitt is perceived to be so squeaky clean that he could become a Saint (problem being that he is not a catholic so no sainthood)
Mitt likes women, Newt really likes women

Bitterlyclinging | December 28, 2011 at 8:17 am

Yes, I am comfortable supporting Newt Gingrich. Erik Eriksen,