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Obama cancels vacation, Romney claims credit

Obama cancels vacation, Romney claims credit

After a firestorm of controversy, Obama is cancelling his Hawaii vacation.

Association does not equal causation.  But what the hey, that’s what campaign managers are for:

Update: A reader says that the tweet simply is repeating the original headline of the linked post at The Hill and that the headline was changed later. The url. of the link does indicate language as in the tweet. When I saw the tweet almost in real time I clicked on the link and the headline read as it now does, not as in the tweet. Note, the image says the tweet was 15 minutes earlier, but that’s just the screen capture, I clicked on the link within a couple of minutes of the tweet.


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One in the old Mitt (sounds like a baseball story)

I doubt he paid any attention to Romney. Someone on his campaign finally convinced him it was not all about him after all and that arrogant statement that congress should stay in session to pass a law they don’t want to pass while he went on vacation to play in the sun on our dime turned off voters. Obama reminds me of a guy in a quote I heard years ago. The speaker said, “This guy is so arrogant he thinks all he has to do is hold up a light bulb and the world will revolve around it to screw it in”.

Professor, I used to love to read your blog daily. I have it on my RSS feed and I check for new posts compulsively. But after you came out for Newt, I’m having a hard time reading your blog. Your post here is very unfair. The link that the individual tweeted goes to a Hill article in which the title was, when it was first posted, “President Cancels Hawaii Trip After Getting Blasted by Romney.” Unfortunately, the story was updated about 40 minutes after it was posted to change the headline, but at the time the story was posted, the headline directly referenced Romney’s attacks on Obama’s vacation. So it makes sense that the individual tweeted this link and included the gist of the headline as it was when first posted.

Moochele must be hopping mad….I hope the dog’s house has a guest room 😉