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NLRB suit against Boeing was just a collective bargaining chip

NLRB suit against Boeing was just a collective bargaining chip

The decision of the National Labor Relations Board to prevent Boeing from relocating some manufacturing to South Carolina was hailed as a necessary step to punish anti-union retaliation by the company.

It all was a mere tool to give uthe machinists’ union greater bargaining power, which it then used in negotating a new contact with Boeing.  Now that the new contract is done, the NLRB is dropping the case at the request of the union (h/t @amandacarpenter):

The National Labor Relations Board has approve the withdrawal of charges by the  machinists union against Boeing, Bloomberg reports.

The suit had tried to prevent the aerospace giant from using an assembly  plant in South Carolina, which the labor board claimed was retaliation against  unions in Washington State, after they launched a crippling strike against the  company a few years ago — a charge the company denied.

The union approved a new contract with the company earlier this week, ending  the disagreement — prompting the labor board to withdraw the suit.

The move is a victory for Democrats and Obama, who have been facing pressure  from Republicans to force the labor board to abandon the lawsuit.

An Obama victory, indeed.


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A government powerful enough to give the unions what they demand is also powerful enough to take away from the producers. So keep supporting the east coast liberal establishment through Mitt and Newt so we can get more of the same.

Disgusting tactics, but a great example of The Chicago Way.

This explains why the suit was filed when construction of the South Carolina plant was 80%+/- complete and not before construction began.

Time to eliminate that board. It’s corrupt.

Obama is so beholden to the union, it hurts him politically. He loses major support in non-union, right to work states in the south when his admin pulls these bully tactics on behalf of unions. Obama has some very bad advisors.

I would argue this was not a win for Obama. That story was out there for months and its unlikely dropping the case will have any effect on public perception of him being anti-business.

This is yet one more example of the anti business policies of this administration.

Better to support the thugs of organized labor rather than the high paying skilled jobs that companies such as Boeing provide.

The time has come for a complete “cleaning house” in Washington. Should the GOP prevail in November of 2012, it will take some time to fix everything that has been broken during the previous four years of the nonstop rampage of liberal democrats.

Sad indeed…

One more argument for smaller government.

This is the sort of thing that Rush was talking about when he said he hoped Obama failed. When Obama succeeds, it’s a failure for the country. He wins, we lose.

All I want to know is how much of the taxpayers’ money was spent before the union said “never mind”?

Am I missing the sarcasm in the post.

The NLRB was almost shut down a week ago when the only GOP member threatened to quit. The house and some of the senate have been gunning on this for a while.

All Boeing had to do was to stall and drag this fight out past Nov 2012 and the Unions would have been dead in the water w/out their puppet in the White House.

The unions had a losing hand and they folded big time. The workers opted for security over gluttony. I may be optimistic, but this this may be a harbinger of what a huge ass kicking the left is about to get in 2012.

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | December 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm

Somewhere the is a video of Campaigner Obama promising ACORN “before I go to negotiate with congressmen, I’ll be meeting with Andy Stern” .. or something close to that.

He scolded GM bondholders while giving them his tough guy look, “you guys have gotten enough, the union needs this money.” That was probably a bigger case of thug Obama using presidential powers to reward his union friends. And rumor was it was mostly conservative dealerships that were singled out for closure, costing them (political enemies of Obama) millions. The office of president being used nearly exclusively to reward friends and punish political enemies.

the UAW got three to four times as much as the bondholders for a smaller claim on GM’s assets. The union even boasted to its members in May 2009 that it had made no concessions on pay, health care or pensions in the restructuring.

In effect, the government divided up GM’s creditors into favored and unfavored groups, then gave a fat stake in the reorganized business to the favored (a k a longtime Democratic Party donors). On top of that, Washington also ordered the shutdown of 1,650 GM dealers and another 1,000 Chrysler dealers as part of its takeover.