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New Year’s Greetings from the IDF

New Year’s Greetings from the IDF

With war in Israel  just one shot or rocket or kidnapping away, it’s always worth seeing the faces of the people who will fight it.

The Jewish New Year was in September, so this is the IDF’s New Year’s greeting to you (via Sheya):


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To know them is to love them.
GLC network supports the Barak Brigade, over the last ten years Texans have donated over 1 million dollars to Barak Brigade. No, they didn’t buy a tank, they provided air conditioners, trailers for MWR (army slang for morale,welfare, recreation), and fleece army jackets for the Israeli soldiers up northern Israel. They also support the “Lone soldier” ministry where foreign Jewish soldiers have a home to go to when they take the mandatory leave days every two weeks. Good stuff. See more info at:

Wasn’t sure where I could leave a comment about your “Video of the Day.” Greg Lake–nom nom nom!! Yay!

That ought to make Ron Paul’s head explode.

Donald Douglas | December 29, 2011 at 6:10 pm

You know, this probably qualifies for Rule 5 — for the guys and gals!

Seriously, a great clip.

Terrific. Thank you for posting this.

May God bless these brave soldiers in their coming conflict.

It is said (by people much wiser than I) that men fight wars because women are so much more vicious when the existential crisis comes – think of it as the Mamma Grizzy that Sarah speaks of – as to spare us the devastation of a multitude of mothers defending their children.

It is only when things get really out of hand that the moms step onto the battlefield – and you really don’t want to screw with a woman scorned.

Gee. Here I thought it was men who fought the wars because women had a problem carrying a 130 pound pack with weapons ammo and water in a cross-country environment.

Silly me.