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My political destiny

My political destiny

I’m just getting this feeling:

A life of perpetual opposition.


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I think you need to supply more detail as the possibilities of what you mean are numerous.

Opposition to the political aristocracy that we’ve allowed to take hold in government?

Opposition to the emotion driven and illogic of the Progressive Liberals?

Opposition to the constant relentless force of entropy?

The Jesus said “The poor shall always be with you”.

He might have added “and so will the stupid”.

It’s just the way of the universe.

Feeling a little frustrated? That the struggle is a futile and endless waste of effort?

Welcome to LIFE!!!! Ta da!

Can’t dance, might as well sing.

Hmmm. Sounds like an existential crisis.

Married? Have kids? If so take some time to spend time with them. Life is SHORT.

If not then take some time to do something you don’t usually do because you’re too busy with “opposition”.

Family/Parents nearby? Go see them. They’ll be delighted and you can forget about whatever while enjoying those you love.

It’s what the fight is all about, no?

I think the “perfesser” has proven his point.
Conservatives win big in 2012, showing the will of the people but yes, it will be ignored and the constant attack from the MSM begins as they try earnestly to complete Teh Won’s transformation of America.

    Scoot –

    Repubs will win big in 2012, and the day after, as we clean up from the party, we’ll find ourselves their opposition as well. Because there is something about D.C. that makes our elected officials feel like they have the right to tell us how to live our lives.


Everything would be better if you would just admit that I am always right and agree with me on everything…

    GrumpyOne in reply to WarEagle82. | December 17, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Heh… You’ll never have any trouble with me so long as you let me have it my way.

    That said, I can truly state that since Reagan left office, all my voting has been against rather than for..

“A life of perpetual opposition.”

Welcome to the life of a Conservative. This is how it will always be, because “They never learn.”

Recognizing too well the sentiment, I can only surmise the professor is married and has children.

My ideal scenario would be to live next door to my wife and kids.

I love the subtlety of not closing the quote – implying an eternal life of opposition; Prof Jacobson, even in burnout you are gifted. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that while readers like me frantically assessed the left’s crushing triumph in 2008, you were a calm, steady, re-assuring voice telling us not to be afraid. This blog was a confident and serene presence not deeply invested in how readers reacted or how events unfolded. In quantum physics, the very act of observing a particle can change the status of the particle. Perhaps in political blogging, it is the particles that wreak change on the observer.