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Last day of the year open

Last day of the year open

A collection of things:


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The last item on this list is both funny and terrifying. Ron Paul isn’t just incorrect on a few issues. He’s completely nuts.

Yet I would still prefer him to Obama. It’s not like Paul’s going to do us MORE harm than Obama.

    Doug Wright in reply to irv. | December 31, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    @Irv: Please consider that Paul is as bad as Obama if not worse in some ways.

    Ron Paul’s anti-Semite outlook is part and parcel of his political being and perhaps his followers don’t care about that aspect of his political life because they agree with him on that.

    It’s telling in many ways that the interview embedded above was done by an Iranian press agency, since Paul has expressed support for Iran’s theocratic government and it’s right to have a nuclear bomb. My opinion is that he and Iran are allied against Israel in many ways. God help us if Paul becomes president.

Your Liz Warren/Scott Brown link is wrong (looks like a copy past issue with the story above it.

I never had much hope for Scott Brown. I knew he was a New England RINO. That he votes with the GOP Senate leadership 75% of the time is relatively meaningless considering 75% of the time the GOP Senate leadership is on the wrong side of any given issue.

Sure, Brown isn’t as consistently left-wing as Kennedy or Warren. But he is part of the never-ending process that ratchets policy toward larger, more intrusive government that usurps our liberties. Warren gets us there in 6 years. Brown, McConnell, Boehner and Romney and Gingrich get us to the same end in 12 years.

The GOP leadership doesn’t want a smaller, constitutional government. They have proven it over the last 20 years. I wish I were wrong but I have 20 years of empirical evidence to support this conclusion. I don’t relish being right so somebody prove me wrong if you can…

Congratulations on the “Best Law Blog” but isn’t “Legal Insurrection” more of a political blog run by a lawyer?

Happy New Year either way.

Congratulations on the Fabulous 50 Blog Award win!

Wow. I thought I had a crazy uncle. I do. He’s crazy, but he’s sweet, gentle and harmless. His social phobia and agoraphobia are of no danger to anyone.

Ron Paul’s nephews have a dangerously crazy uncle. Completely bonkers! And his way of thinking is a huge potential danger to others, considering his position as a congressman.

He is simply bonkers. Uncle Bonkers.