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It’s a big sometimes bad world out there

It’s a big sometimes bad world out there

And we try to deal with as much of it as we can here at Legal Insurrection.

In fact, in the coming week there will be a couple of law students to help me — between semesters — cover the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire, and other campaingn-related stuff.

But first, want to watch a slow-motion video of dogs sticking their heads out of windows? Sure you do. (h/t)

Dogs in Cars from keith on Vimeo.


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Last night I was talking with a neighbor. He’d walked the mile up the road to our place out here in the NC boonies and was leaning on the fence shooting the breeze about this and that. While we talked, he kept looking down at my dog, who was curled up at my feet and licking his balls, as dogs will do. My neighbor looked down and said, “man, I wish I could do that”, and I told him, “well, go ahead, but you’d better pet him first.”


We have 3 Poms and only the male likes to stick his head out the window. My German Shepherd rides in the back of the truck. She loves to go cruisin.
Don’t worry she is tethered down by the cab window.

Oh, man. I posted that? I thought I just thought it.