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It would be easier

It would be easier

to coexist with you if you weren’t such an offensive, self-righteous, self-indulgent big mouth.

Thanks to reader David who took this photo (at a red light, right?) in Havertown, PA, in August:


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“Change in my WORLD begins with change in MY world”……
I heard that line in a song played on a black gospel music station the other day. That isn’t what caught my ear, but the line “We must get behind our President….We must stand behind our Government” that I thought odd. Of course, the black vote is wrapped at 98%, why are they begging people to view Obama as some sort of holy man? is it Liberation Theology?
I live in a college town, I see this sort of liberal expression all the time. Libs love a bumper sticker and a Bush “Wanted” poster. Newly civil, huh?

JohnInFlorida | December 8, 2011 at 8:24 am

Coexist? Here’s the true bumper sticker on how to coexist …

Love the “only a dick would think population is not a problem” sticker. Forced sterilizations, anyone?

Pulling up next to this car at a red light……it would be awful tempting to give him the one-legged peace sign!!!

The over-population myth. Let’s see now. Texas has 268,820 square miles. One square mile has 27,878,400 square feet (5,280 X 5,280). So, in terms of square feet, Texas has 7,494,271,488,000 available. The world population just tipped over 7,000,000,000. If we moved the entire human race to Texas, each person would have 1070.61 square feet. Earth has 196,939,900 square miles, which is 732.6 times that of Texas. I think we can handle a few more people.

    Not to mention, if current trends hold, the population increase will slow to the point that world population starts to decrease, then we’re really in trouble. Time to start having more baby’s, not less.

    The other part of that equation is that we are “running out of food”. Well, since less than 15% of the world’s food crops are grown and harvested to responsible production standards – the rest are hit and miss with huge amounts of waste – we only need to improve harvesting processes with another 15% to double the output. Virtually impossible to do, probably, unless one tries.

Give the guy a break. It looks like the bumper stickers are what’s holding his bumper together:)

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