other things:

  • House Republicans reportedly caving in, and agreeing to two month extension with conference committee to be appointed.  This whole thing is a big mess, and Tina Korbe at HotAir has a good explanation of where it went wrong.
  • Did you watch Obama’s press statement?  It really was awful.  The panderer in chief did not once mention that the pizza night out money was coming from money that was supposed to go to the social security trust fund.  Even the Editors of USA Today were able to figure it out.
  • Tweet of the Day, from moi:  “How many pizza nights out could one buy 4 cost of $4 million Hawaii vacation?”
  • U.N. gets something done, holds minute of silence in honor of mass murderer and enslaver of an entire people (I know, there are so many possibilities, but I think you can guess who).
  • Joe Biden may get his wish and see Iraq split into pieces.
  • How’s that Arab Spring working out? “The latest news coming out of Egypt reveals that the country is experiencing  nothing short of a catastrophe.”
  • Great news for Israel.  Turkey’s PM Erdogan has a new worst enemy … wait for it … France.
  • More to follow.
  • Oh, Yes.  Thank you to everyone who has been using the Amazon link for shopping and the donations and subscriptions.

Remember why we fight (h/t ElectAd):