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Listen up.  I’m sick and tired of your feel good faux-profundity.

Does it make you feel good to buy those $4 lattes at Gimme Coffee?  Maybe you should put this bumper sticker on the car too.

Spotted by an LI student reader in the Collegetown section of Ithaca:


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DINORightMarie | December 10, 2011 at 7:51 am

You sound cynical today. Hope you are okay!

These bumper stickers are oh, so typical of youth in universities today. Rush calls them “heads full of mush” and I believe that is true…..they are forming their ideas and personal worldviews. And liberals are so ready to feed them the toxic waste disguised as education!

The reformation of our educational system, from the bottom up, is imperative. But, it is going to be slow going.

With so many lemming administrators, fellow traveler professors, and union teachers using Chicago tactics to resist any restoration or reformation, the question is how? And, of course, if you eliminate the federal Dept. of Ed., it will be a state-by-state proposition…..which is proper, but will allow liberal/blue states to continue to push the Leninist lies and agitprop.

So much to do, and so little time.

I guess I can see why you might be feeling cynical, after all.

Hope you have a great day!! And, I’m looking forward to the debates coming up, live-blogging here, I hope!! 😀

I have started a “thumbs down” campaign. whenever I see an Obama sticker or any of the myriad other liberal stickers on cars I go out of my way to make sure the driver and passengers of the car with the liberal bumper sticker see me give them the “thumbs down” along with a scowl on my face. I want them to know how fed up I am.

DINORightMarie | December 10, 2011 at 8:29 am

OT – but wanted to share this. John Hayward (Doctor Zero, or Doc_0 on Twitter) over at Human Events is excellent. His piece sums up this week well, and the efforts and goal of Teh Won’s “fundamental transformation” overall.

If you haven’t read it, I hope you enjoy it.

The Prosecution of Ineptitude.

Midwest Rhino (not RINO) | December 10, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Don’t let kids do art

Just say no to art.

… and most importantly, don’t let your kid borrow $40,000 to become an art major.

Everything changes … except the avant carde.

La-la land is preferable to reality.

Well, America is not la-la land; but, it does host the conditions which can easily betray that appearance.

It must be nice to live a sheltered life. At least for so long as it endures.

Several cans of spray paint can make one’s day… not that I condone it, mind you… 🙂