We’ll never know now, will we?  And it’s ancient history, right?

We have substituted speculation and conjecture for proof.  Such as, the woman who says she had a 13 year affair with Cain says they went to the Tyson-Holyfield fight together.  Cain denies it.  It’s a provable/disprovable fact, but no one bothered to try.

And we still don’t even know what he was accused of at the National Restaurant Association.  Get that, we don’t even know the allegations, much less the proof.

As to Sharon Bialek, it now turns out that she came onto another NRA executive, according to him, and probably had little or no contact with Cain.  But who cares, he was a flawed candidate anyway, right?  So if the media took him out, the other candidates’ supporters get to dance on his political grave.


(h/t to dmacleo in the Tip Line and others who e-mailed me the video link)


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