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From reader John, who writes:

Taken at Stew Leonard’s in Yonkers, NY, on Sunday. At least it wasn’t on a Subaru.


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Obviously, that car was owned by Time’s Person of the Year; The Protester.

Uh, Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel…

The Syrians in the photo in this linked post beg to differ with the owner of the Yonker’s bumper sticker –


The bumper sticker doesn’t bother me as much as where it was seen. Yonkers, that cancerous spleen of Westchester County.

“Moody’s Investors Service slashed its rating on Yonkers, N.Y.’s general obligation debt by two notches, citing a trend of structurally imbalanced operations that have weakened the city’s financial position.

Moody’s said the New York City-area municipality has a manageable debt profile that will nevertheless grow substantially with its current issuance.

The city relies on a sizable tax base that has declined significantly over the past three years, though the ratings firm said it expects planned development will benefit revenue over the long term.” WSJ Oct 2011

No prize for guessing which Party has engineered this decline; enriching the city’s union cartel while destroying the economic prospects of its residents. DEMOCRATS S****K!!!

Bitterlyclinging | December 21, 2011 at 10:38 am

Not surprising, considering what I’m reading in the NY Daily News: Mike Lupica still saying the Iraq war was based on a lie, another commentator extolling Andrew Cuomo’s achievements in office, raising taxes and passing gay marriage. Attn Daily News Circulation staff: Cancel my subscription now, because I’m definitely not going to pay you for delivering that kind of garbage.

Response to R*P*BL*C*NS SUCK :


At least it wasn’t on a Subaru.

Years ago, when I was searching for a quality used car, I did extensive research about Japanese models (sorry, Detroit, you’ve lost my trust), and Subarus did very well in repair record & customer satisfaction surveys. But I just couldn’t do it. If I did, I felt I’d have to custom-make a bumper sticker saying “Just Because I Drive a Subaru Doesn’t Mean I’m a Douche.”

You cut off the coexist sticker next to it.

Wow–I came in 3rd Place for the year! A few responses to some of the commenters above:
To Auctuarian, the license plate on the car actually was from Connecticut, which made me wonder why the driver wasn’t shopping at either of the Stew’s location in Connecticut. As for the state of the finances of the City of Yonkers, neither party can bear all the blame. The city council has had a Democrat majority, but the last two mayors have been 2 term Republicans. It was a Republican mayor who signed off on the submission to blackmail by the Teamsters Union, representing the city’s sanitation workers, who caught the blue flu in the middle of the summer last year when the City correctly sought to reduce trash pickup to once a week.

To L.N. Smithee, you missed your chance with the Subaru. I’ve had mine almost 13 years and the only time it has failed to start was when the battery needed replacement. If you live somewhere with snow, you cannot beat it.

And to LukeHandCool, if there had been a coexist sticker on the car, I would have won the Grand Prize hands down!