He’s seeking Ginger White’s phone records, and denying that the alleged trip to the Tyson-Holyfield fight (the one where Tyson bit his ear) ever took place.  Someone is lying, and we owe it to ourselves and the process to find out who.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A review of the records by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Cain sent 17 text messages to White, almost always responding to messages from her.

On Wednesday, Wood sent a letter to White’s attorney, Edward Buckley, asking for her phone records to “test her credibility and motive” for coming forward to the media. Wood, in the letter, said he wanted to “ascertain whether the decision to grant interviews was politically motivated and to determine whether she has received or [been] promised money for participating.” ….

She claims the retired McDonough executive lavished her with gifts and flew her around the country to meet him at places where he was speaking, or on one occasion, to Las Vegas to watch a Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield boxing match. Cain denies that trip happened.

And now that the allegation is out there, anyone see Cain at the Tyson-Holyfield fight, or ever hear him talk about being at it?  We now have a definitive provable or unprovable fact.

Also, from Taegan Goddard:

Meanwhile, John DiStaso spoke to a prominent Cain supporter in New Hampshire who reports Cain told him that “today and tomorrow there will be releases of very important information concerning this woman and her claims and he said it will be good news for Herman Cain.”

I’m glad Cain is fighting back.  Either he will be exposed as a liar, or he will be vindicated.  We’re entitled to one of those, rather than the vague media frenzy netherworld the allegations now occupy.