The recall petition drive against Scott Walker has more than a month left to get the required 544,000 signatures.  Organizers assert that over 300,000 already have been collected,

The assumption has to be that they will get enough signatures and that there will be a recall election sometime in the spring.

Christian Schneider says it’s time for Walker to start hitting harder:

Each one of Walker’s three television ads to date feature someone in the education field (teacher, school board member) explaining that they are standing behind Walker for making the tough choices to balance the state’s $3.6 billion budget deficit. Two of the ads end with Walker himself calmly reassuring voters that Wisconsin’s best days are ahead. (The teacher in the second ad recently revealed she has been receiving threats for appearing in a pro-Walker advertisement.)

The ads are well produced. They make excellent, well-reasoned points and adequately defend Walker’s position. They are also a complete and total waste of money….

Wisconsin has become a place where public vulgarity is not only tolerated, but expected (here’s a compendium of people online inviting Walker to engage in intercourse with himself. Language warning, of course).

The message is simple: If Walker is recalled, these people win. Their grotesque tactics will be vindicated, further ripping the state apart. Wisconsin will cease being the state its residents love; it will instead be a place where threats and intimidation reign.

Wisconsinites get this.

I agree.  The unions and their supporters have been profane, violent, malicious and crude.  Don’t do the same thing, but run endless commercials showing who wins if Walker gets recalled.

You can donate to the Walker anti-recall effort here.