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Are WI Republicans fighting the recall hard enough?

Are WI Republicans fighting the recall hard enough?

The recall petition drive against Scott Walker has more than a month left to get the required 544,000 signatures.  Organizers assert that over 300,000 already have been collected,

The assumption has to be that they will get enough signatures and that there will be a recall election sometime in the spring.

Christian Schneider says it’s time for Walker to start hitting harder:

Each one of Walker’s three television ads to date feature someone in the education field (teacher, school board member) explaining that they are standing behind Walker for making the tough choices to balance the state’s $3.6 billion budget deficit. Two of the ads end with Walker himself calmly reassuring voters that Wisconsin’s best days are ahead. (The teacher in the second ad recently revealed she has been receiving threats for appearing in a pro-Walker advertisement.)

The ads are well produced. They make excellent, well-reasoned points and adequately defend Walker’s position. They are also a complete and total waste of money….

Wisconsin has become a place where public vulgarity is not only tolerated, but expected (here’s a compendium of people online inviting Walker to engage in intercourse with himself. Language warning, of course).

The message is simple: If Walker is recalled, these people win. Their grotesque tactics will be vindicated, further ripping the state apart. Wisconsin will cease being the state its residents love; it will instead be a place where threats and intimidation reign.

Wisconsinites get this.

I agree.  The unions and their supporters have been profane, violent, malicious and crude.  Don’t do the same thing, but run endless commercials showing who wins if Walker gets recalled.

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Where do you think OWS learned their tactics? From Union thugs.
My cousins and several Aunts live in Wisconsin, and they are ALL disgusted with these antics.
I foresee an overwhelming WIN for Walker if this moronic recall goes through.

In the WI focus thread, I posted a link to a midNovember poll that had Walker faring badly. I also posted a link indicating that the jobs picture in WI underperforms the rest of the country. It’s hard to believe that the two are unrelated.

Union goons are thuggish won’t matter peanuts to WI voters if they think Walker has worsened their economy crisis. Presumably, with a “decade of running campaigns in Wisconsin”, Christian Schneider knows that and is trying to play a bad hand as well as possible.

Presumably, but this is the Republican Party we’re talking about.

Machine politics and union thugsters are a way of life in neighboring Illinois so some of it is bound to spill over into Wisconsin.

The question is if Wisconsin’s voters are smart enough to detect the chaff from fact.

Well, we do know that at least 79 of the supposed 300,000 signatures are fraudulent. I wonder just how many more of the signatures are absolutely worthless. I would hazard a wild guess that greater than 10% of the signatures are fraudulent, especially if the old “pay per signature” game is in play.

Regarding GS above: Yes, there was that poll, but I would discount the results somewhat. I’m sure that they didn’t geographically account for the concentration of Liberals in Madison versus the relative Conservativeness of the rest of the State, which likely means that they got a “Madison heavy” polling sample, which would mean that the poll is “liberal heavy.”

Without the national Unions really pushing the issue, I think Gov. Walker survives any recall attempt. The Unions are going to be hoarding cash by the time any recall would occur. They can’t expend the amount of resources that they did for the legislature fight. To do so would put in jeopardy any plans for the 2012 election cycle for Congressional seats (where the Republicans are heavily favored to win Senate seats merely due to the Statistics of the number of Democrat vs. Republican seats in play and the retirements thus far.

    Follow up: After taking a peek at the poll (Conducted by St. Norbert College in De Pere and Wisconsin Public Radio), I was right. The poll is absolutely worthless.

    First, it’s got a margin of error of +/-5 at 2 sigma (95% accuracy rating). The polling sample is 482 registered voters, not likely voters.

    Further, it had an identification bias to the Democrat party via response (53% Obama approval rate vs 58% Walker Disapproval rate). The mirroring comes from the Obama weak “approve” category vs the Walker “Strongly Disapprove” category.

    Again, the poll has a liberal bias, as shown in the Republican approval favorables checked (Romney at 37% favorable, Ron Paul at 29% favorable, no other R candidate broke 24%.

    Unfavorable polling showed Bachmann and Gingrich 50%+, Perry, Romney and Cain 42%+ unfavorable for all respondents, and for only those who had actually heard of them, the negatives were HUGELY unfavorable for ALL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES (54% Romney, 56% Paul, and everybody else was 60% or higher).

    Of the percentage of people who responded “other” for who they would have liked the Candidate to be, 63% responded “None of the above.”

    On the question of Does Obama deserve to be re-elected, the responses were 51% deserves reelection, 43% does not deserve reelection and 6% not sure. This is in contrast to the Gallup polling which says that only 43% of respondents approve of the job Obama is doing (a +8% bias to the Norbert College Poll).

    Long story short, as I opened with: the poll is worthless except to be a Union / Liberal talking point to try to rally the troops.

      Your remarks do not mention the claimed more-than-threefold increase in Republican support for the recall. Your remarks do not mention the recent surge in WI unemployment claims.

No recall effort…yet….for Nikki Haley here in SC but the local McClatchy rag (The State) conducts the same type of poll to try and sway public opinion. Gather enough “occupy” types in one spot at a liberal arts college (winthrop)and you get the numbers you want. How many folks do you know that get their “news” from the headline?
I’m sick and tired of reading about these idiots and their threats. I’m ready to take it to their faces. Let’s see just how tough you are, little hipster college dude. Show me what you are made of, union hand.

Regarding your Twitter….sticking your hand in boiling water will be MUCH less painful than watching 60 minutes.

The network for evaluating the recall signatures needs to be in place long before the signatures are turned in. Have volunteers in place, with duplicity of effort, to enter the names and addresses into compatible spreadsheet pages. A central group would then compile the names, checking for wrong addresses, multiple or artificial submissions. Having a multiplicity of checkers means Democratic-fascist-socialist-progressive plants, who might approve of false names, would be caught by the other, honest, volunteers. The petitions I have seen on the GAB web site were either the handwritten signatures, or typed names. But both were as images, not a text which could be manipulated. Getting that network ready in advance is vital. Once the petitioners submit their signatures, the GAB is not going to be sympathetic to giving Walker time to review the signatures.

What is being done to protect the Lieutenant-Governor? Aren’t there a few Senators also threatened with recall? What spoiled brats we’re dealing with, and what a mess they are making!

This is slightly off-topic, but encouraging, regarding the union hold in Wisconsin’s schools:

WI School Teachers Vote to Disband Union: “We never had to use their services” by the excellent and knowledgeable LaborUnionReport (crossposted at

@ Milwaukee:

“The network for evaluating the recall signatures needs to be in place long before the signatures are turned in.”

I encourage you to sign up to volunteer for Verify The Recall. I have.