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Another Obama Counter-Indicator

Another Obama Counter-Indicator

The more Obama pushes class warfare, the more people reject class warfare.  That’s certainly not what I expected.

It’s the counter-indicator effect.  If he’s for it, the opposite will happen.  Perhaps he should announce an Unemployment Plan instead of a Jobs Plan.

It’s another one of those Obama paradoxes, like the Catch-2012.

From Gallup:

Americans are now less likely to see U.S. society as divided into the “haves” and “have nots” than they were in 2008, returning to their views prior to that point. A clear majority, 58%, say they do not think of America in this way, after Americans were divided 49% to 49% in the summer of 2008….

If they had to choose, 58% of Americans would say they are in the “haves,” rather than the “have nots” group. This breakdown has held remarkably steady over the past two decades of economic boom and bust, with a record-high 67% of Americans putting themselves in the “haves” category during the strong economic times of the late 1990s.


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John Edwards & the OWS Band’s “Two Americas” trending towards “One America”?

It runs against the fabric of the motto “E pluribus divideum.”

Ordinary American people are not stupid. A speaker who wrongly labels an unemployment bill a jobs has no credibility.

More like those who’ve got and advantage over those who have disadvantages.

There can be NO dispute that over the last 20 years real wages have gone down or stagnated for the working poor.

As a result those who DO have, are being forced to contribute more than they’d like to sustain those poor.

How fair or just that is, I can’t judge.

I do believe every sports team Obama picks to win a championship has lost. I cringed when he picked my Indianapolis Colts to beat New Orleans and my Butler Bulldogs to win the NCAA basketball tournament last year.

He has the reverse Midas-touch.

Keep in mind this number is the “Strongly Approve” minus the “Strongly Disapprove” and bottomed out for Bush at minus 30 in January, 2009. It was March of 2009 that the Dow bottomed out at 6,500.

August of 2011 saw a minus 26

The last time Congress was as perverse as when it scraped through Obamacare was the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act, also a period with amazingly more polarization in the country.

Here’s the Kansas-Nebraska Act Wiki

When Congressional Democrats allowed Slavery in the new Territories.

The 41% who believe in the “haves” and “have nots” schlick are probably on the dole in one way or another. I have noticed that these people complain because they are not getting as much free money as they would like. Also, they are obama supporters hoping he will send some more money their way. In other words, they are bought and paid for.

When you come right down to it, there ere very few poor people in this country until obama was elected. We had a booming economy before obamb put his alinsky theories into place. And it makes no sense to blame the people lucky enough not to have lost their jobs for the problems of the ones who did. Just as it makes no sense to blame the well paid for making too much money when others don’t. There is no such thing as making too much money and any of us would gladly change place with the well paid if we could.

This guy Obama would have a hard time selling sex to sailors.

Whether there are haves and have-nots is not the question. The most pertinent question at this time is – how did people get what they have, and how did people who have little end up that way?

I think it’s ironic that while Obama is trying to instigate class warfare between the haves and the have-nots, he is actually bringing people around to this question which I hope will terminate his presidency.

Clearly, Obama is trying his best to grow the government and increase the number of people that are somehow dependent on the government in order to cobble together a 51% majority of the electorate. He is also doing everything he can possibly do to transfer money from the productive to the parasites so that they will have enough “HOPE” to vote for him.

If Obama succeeds, it will be because our nation has deteriorated to the point where there are move parasites than producers, or people not smart enough to figure this all out. Either way, America will never be the same again because the chances of people realizing the American Dream will be continually eroded by the American Parasites.

Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Obama hosed himself inadvertently by brings his “redistributive” policies to light in such a fashion that a majority of the electorate realizes that the real issue is that we have a conflict between the people who have worked hard and earned things and the people who didn’t work hard and thus have less. The question that logically follows is, why should the people who worked hard subsidize those who did not?

While many of those who have less are too inept to realize their continued actions will eventually bring about their own demise due to their extreme diminishment of the benefit pool, I believe the producers are smart enough to realize that under a second Obama administration, their hopes of realizing the American Dream will be significantly diminished. Thus, anyone who hopes their life will improve should NOT vote for Obama. If the Republicans ever had a chance to put together a succinct message, it is now, and that message is: Obama is not only killing our economy, he is killing American Dream for all the hard working Americans who sacrificed so much for their families.

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