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Alan Grayson sitting on pile of cash

Alan Grayson sitting on pile of cash

Via Orlando Sentinel:

Former U.S. Rep. Alan Graysonis reporting today that he already has raised more than $500,000 in the final quarter of 2011 — a big haul that should boost efforts by the Orlando Democrat to return to Congress…..

“This is what People Power looks like,” said Grayson in a statement. His campaign noted that more than 12,000 supporters have contributed since Oct. 1 and that the average amount of these contributions is $42.

Grayson — best known for saying the Republican healthcare plan was for sick patients to “die quickly” — is running in a new Central Florida seat that the legislature is expected to create when finished with its once-a-decade process of redistricting.

Just sayin’.


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I doubt many of Grayson’s contributors are coming from the district he will run in. Grayson is the candidate of the far left liberal Democrats, few of whom live near Orlando.

The real question is how much of the 500k came from those ads on Legal Insurrection!

    Perhaps, the real question is how much did Grayson have to pay Google Ads to generate the $500,000? How much did he net?

    His evil grin seemed to be on every conservative website I viewed – and probably was present on every lefty site as well.

      Estragon in reply to logos. | December 30, 2011 at 1:11 am

      He’s probably paying per click, so if people click his ad when it appears, it runs up his cost.

      I use Firefox with the AdBlock add-on and don’t get to see them . . .

I’m glad to hear that he’s sitting on a pile of cash. We should make sure that OWS knows all about the pile of cash Grayson has.

Occupy Grayson should be a very loud rallying cry from his own side.

Not going to happen, any more than Lady Gaga got occupied. Just another example that it’s not “the 1%” the OWS resent it is YOUR stuff/money/rights they want to occupy.

He’ll need 600k to cover how many times I click through his ads on LI.

Yes, Grayson seems like quite a reasonable guy, who most feel would be more than willing to compromise with his esteemed colleagues across the aisle.


Especially after this last year, what could anyone possibly see in putting an idiot like Grayson back on the public dime? What could he possibly do besides add to the current gridlock?

Please, just go away. And take that obnoxious Waterhead-Schlitz woman with you.

Alan Grayson is simply a vile and despicable human being with no redeeming qualities. His behavior simply is morally reprehensible. How any descent person could even consider voting for Grayson, is incomprehensible to me.

Sorry about the typo on “descent”, which should have been “decent”. I’m actually watching the Cal-Texas Holiday bowl and hit the submit button before looking at what I had typed.