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Why leave?

Why leave?

High taxes. Crime. Too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Democrats. Too expensive. Public sector unions which control everything. Want me to continue?

Thanks to reader Alex who, after seeing yesterdays post about Manhattan Mini Storage advertising, sent this photo and wrote:

I took a picture of this billboard last New Years from our cruise ship. The five of us (all activist Republicans/conservatives) were heartily amused.

They have a very clever ad guy.


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it comes to this: it’s easier in nyc to be openly gay than openly conservative. what a great society ! (not that there is something wrong being gay – some of my best friends are gay AND jewish AND new-yorkers !!!)

My favorite ad from them says NYC: “We have 10 professional sports teams and the Mets.”

They poke at everyone.

Thanks for reminding me why I don’t live in New York.