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We will fight them in the elevators

We will fight them in the elevators

Thanks to reader Jennifer who writes

… you are familiar with the cute little posters inside the elevators at Hampton Inns these days. This is the one in my elevator this morning in Asheville NC.

Between the time I went down for breakfast and came back up, someone had placed a “bumper sticker” on the picture…

If you can’t read it, it says, “ObamaCare – Call us when you are shovel ready” and has a picture of Obama… Hilarious!

But it did not last, as Jennifer wrote in a follow up e-mail:

 Just checked out and sticker had been removed.


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DINORightMarie | November 19, 2011 at 7:34 am

I am confused. It looks like the poster at the top is complete and intact, sticker on the dump truck included. Is it an illusion that the bumper sticker is scaled to fit the dump truck, and that it is at an angle to fit perfectly with the perspective of the image?

If so, how did the bumper sticker get taken off the poster?

I think my ignorance of the Hampton Inn original poster image is making me wonder how that sticker can be pulled off the image…….

Is it just me?

It is funny, though. Great metaphor, and bumper sticker overall. 🙂

The Professor had the same question. Both pictures were taken after the sticker had been placed on the sign. I only took the larger one to give context to the close-up.

Sorry, missed the other question you had. The sticker looked like and was the same size as a return address label – it fit perfectly. I actually thought it would be funny if someone had printed these and was going around making a “statement” by placing these stickers all over the place.
As I was riding the elevator trying to get the picture, I had fun watching the jaws of sleepy people drop as they focused in on it. 🙂