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Tonight’s debate – Attack (of the?) Newt

Tonight’s debate – Attack (of the?) Newt

Yes, there is another debate tonight.  I haven’t decided whether to go “live” or do commentary at the breaks.

While it would be easy to complain about yet another debate, I think the debates have been worthwhile in sorting out the candidates.  Tonight will be the chance to gang up on Newt, who is near the top or on top of all the latest polls.

But I expect a vigorous Newt counterattack, but only if attacked.  The counterattack will not be against the other candidates, but a more intense attempt for Newt to show himself to be the person to take on Obama  Should be fun.

(I’m leaning heavily towards a Live Event, what do you think?)


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I think that the Republicans are stupid for debating in hostile conditions.

It would have been better to have had a smaller series of debates sponsored by truly neutral hosts like the League of Women Voters.

Also, I loved the Lincoln/Douglas style sit down between Cain and Newt.

The current debates is only self serving to the democrat opposition…


Live. Who is hosting the debate?

DINORightMarie | November 22, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Live! Go live!

I will hopefully be here by the time it begins……

CNN is hosting, and Wolf Blitzer is supposedly prepping to “respond” if Newt goes after the questions from the neutral moderator.

Neutral moderator….? Riiiiiight……sure.

Break out the popcorn! Wolf vs. Newt 😀

I’ve had CNN on for an hour or so, irritating me in the background. They’re practicing the gotcha issues. I hope the candidates have a staffer listening.