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This septic tank is full of

This septic tank is full of

hope and change political promises.

Thanks to reader Mark in California who writes:

I was behind this truck as I headed into the dump this morning. Now we know what happens to all those political promises.

Best wishes and thanks for the blog.


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I would like to see a licence plate. There is no way that this truck was in California.

    It really, truly is. I see the company trucks around here all the time. Based in Monterey County, too, which begs further disbelief until one sees it for oneself. Just Google Peninsula Septic Tank Service. Looks like the owner(s) is tired of all the government crap around here.

But where else would you more need to pump out useless political promises (except D.C. of course)?
These folks do good work.
Oh, and where was Reagan from?

This is great. Good find.

$15 trillion and counting. And that’s just the publicly disclosed “promises”. There is no way to know the “promises” made behind closed doors. Some of the “promises” are, in fact, implicit and can only be inferred through “bloating”.