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Thanksgiving Open

Thanksgiving Open

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  See ya later.


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Adam Sandler is a Republican, and unlike his liberal counterparts, doesn’t seem to think being in the entertainment business entitles him to make pronouncements on politics to the great unwashed masses.

Heard him interviewed on the Dennis Miller radio show and Dennis said (before and after the interview) that Adam is about the nicest person you’ll find in the business. At the end of the interview the phone line cut off and Adam called back for a few seconds. He said his mom had just called him and chided him for not thanking Dennis properly, which he then did. It was a very sweet moment and showed Dennis was right. Adam was raised well.

LukeHandCool (who doesn’t think he’s ever seen an Adam Sandler movie and keeps meaning to. And who, shameless namedropper that he is, was told yesterday by his daughter that one of her best friends at USC, the young actor Alexander Ludwig, will be the main actor in the upcoming blockbuster, “The Hunger Games.” Based on a very popular book, the girls at work knew all about it and had seen the trailer. Luke is way outside the contemporary pop-culture loop.)

The classified intelligence report that so rattled Haig and caused so many faces to go ashen described how a few days before the Dallas assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, accompanied by Castro intelligence agents, had been spotted in Havana, where he’d traveled from Mexico City.

My mother was rushed to the emergency room a year ago this week. I’m so thankful she was my mother and I’ll forever live with the guilt of having been a somewhat crappy son.

My Japanese wife is trying to make me feel better by making my mom’s “Nadivka” … traditional Czech stuffing for the turkey. This should be really interesting …

LukeHandCool (who will never forget the class of Julie Andrews … her husband, the director Blake Edwards, was in the room next door to Luke’s mom in ICU at Santa Monica’s St. John’s Hospital, and passed away two days before Luke’s mother. Julie became good friends with Luke’s sisters. When Luke’s older sister and Julie came back from lunch one day, Julie looked in as she walked by to see Luke crying, standing over his mother. A few minutes later she was standing in the doorway asking Luke if he wanted coffee or tea. Embarrassed by her kindness, Luke couldn’t reply … he just nodded when she decided for him and said “Coffee?” And, even though he doesn’t take sugar in his coffee, he nodded when she said “Sugar?” Because … Luke was not going to turn down a spoonful of sugar from Mary Poppins. As nice in person as she is on the big screen. Pure class.)

Professor, I cried as I listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s beautiful voice. My father was a fan of hers. We lost Dad in May of 2001. He was a Navy Veteran, WW II, Solomon Islands, Pacific Theater. Thanks for selecting her song.

It’s long-since time the US stop playing footsie with the Paleos. It is clear they don’t respect the rights of sovereignty of a neighboring state, yet they believe they are entitled to one of their own.

Imagine if a neighbor to the US were firing missiles on innocent civilians in New York City or Los Angeles on a daily basis. Israelis should have the same right any other country has: freedom from fear.