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Syria’s fuse is lit

Syria’s fuse is lit

Just wondering how much longer until the explosion takes place.  Some links:

    • Walter Russell Mead, “when poets buy guns, tourist season is over.  They are buying them now in Damascus….”
    • JPost, “The Syrian military said 10 personnel, including six pilots, were killed in an attack on an air force base ….”
    • DEBKAFile says Syrian pilots killed were elite level, signaling inside info. given to anti-regime insurgents, and expect retaliation form Assad.
    • Assad has ignored a deadline today set by the Arab League after which sanctions would be imposed.  Turkey said it was Syria’s “last chance.”
    • Russia is siding with Syria, for now, and reportedly has sent advanced anti-aircraft systems.
    • There was a large explosion at a Hezbollah arms depot in Southern Lebanon.  One blogger claims it was a caused when an Israeli military drone which mysteriously went down recently and was picked up by Hezbollah exploded after it was brought to the depot in a “trojan horse” operation, while DEBKAfile says Syrian insurgents angry at Hezbollah support for Assad were behind it.


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