… when I’m a big, powerful blogger, I’ll get offers like this:

CHARGING IN MY GARAGE RIGHT NOW:  A NISSAN LEAF.  Actually, it’s fully charged  this morning after about 12 hours on the 110v portable charger.  No, I didn’t buy one:  The Nissan folks loaned me one overnight to test-drive and blog about.  I’ll post a full report later, but the short version is that it’s surprisingly roomy and quite fun to drive.

For now, I’ll have to live with this:

DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar, a 22,000 member national lawyer organization, recently installed Pittsburgh trial attorney Henry M. Sneath as DRI president at the Annual Meeting, held in Washington, D.C. The attached press release is for your immediate use, please contact me if you’d like a photo of Mr. Sneath.