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So this is why Obama kept Boeing out of S.C.

So this is why Obama kept Boeing out of S.C.

Thanks to reader Craig who took this photo last summer in Greenville, S.C.


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That’s a whole lot of ignorance on display there.

And what other possible spin can the left put upon it, In the employment disaster that is the modern day U.S. ? The fictional unemployment stuck at 9% and the real number is estimated to be double that- the left can not AFFORD to be honest on the Boeing matter. They are standing up to keep people out of work just to keep their base content.

I think a lot of these overeducated dunces would be much better off if they were to enroll in their local trade/technical college and learn an employment-centered trade to help them start paying off their student loans and get on with their lives.

HVAC, cosmetology, plumbing, baking, carpentry … but definitely not sign making.

The reality is that pro-union acts like Davis-Bacon were passed for racist reasons, and that forcing work into union shops – which raise unemployment overall as some workers benefit with higher wages while others lose their jobs – was designed to keep white employment higher and increase black unemployment.

Which is did. The black unemployment rate was historically in-line with white unemployment prior.

For more details, here is an older article (one of many you can google at places like Cato) that detail this.

I’d like to see some Republicans talk about this kind of stuff at the debates.

@Luke –

You got that right. I could get someone with welding skill a job making $60 to 80k/year, more if they’d agree to travel. Two years in a tech school would get them that welding skill.

They could continue studying art history or environmentalism or such on their days off. AND they’d be able to pay down their student loans.

Silly me. And here I thought it was because he’s a fascist.