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Best photo from the debates, at least so far, via Right Scoop:

You know the rest of the story.


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Would love to see what the next photo looked like after Newt took him out!

Yea, that guy…

Aw, shucks. He was ready for his starring moment. (When Gingrich responded, there was no “reaction shot”.)

Smack Me Down Smuggles dolls … Coming soon, Tickle Me Newt!

Frankly, that shot conveys “Please don’t hurt me!” more than smugness. This was right before he hid under the desk to blunt the blow of Newt’s comeback.

“Look at me. I’m sincere, I’m caring, I’m Liberal and I’m intelligent. Just thank Gaia I’m not conceited.”

This is the typical face of the loathsome media. Smarmy, snarky and conceited. Why republicans allow these punks to moderate their debates is beyond understanding. It’s going to be interesting seeing these thugs ask soft questions from obama and obscure unknown and difficult ones from the republican candidate like “defined medicare plan”. OTOH, since obama didn’t write obamacare and probably doesn’t know what is in it, he couldn’t answer the question either. I’ll bet a dollar that since obama can’t have a teleprompter at those debates he will be wired. Of course, that depends on whether he can’t have a teleprompter.