Donald Douglas recounts his tale of being sued by copyright-lawsuit factory Righthaven, Beating Righthaven.

I was aware that Donald had been sued along with dozens of others for running the infamous photo of the TSA worker checking the junk of a passenger.  I didn’t blog about it because I figured if Donald wanted publicity, he would have posted about it, which he now has.

Here’s an excerpt, check out the full account at the link:

Let me tell you: It’s frightening as hell opening up that letter of service and reading the lawsuit. You can’t even believe you’re being sued, but you can’t ignore it or wish it away. A non-response would result in a default judgment, so there’s no time to dilly-dally. No wonder so many defendants settled out of court rather than attempt a legal defense, especially since obtaining legal counsel and going to trial would probably run into the tens of thousands of dollars on average. I first found out about the lawsuit from Steven Green of the Las Vegas Sun, who left me message on Facebook and then the link to this article mentioning me as a defendant.

Righthaven’s model is entirely predatory, and the company soon earned everlasting enmity by filing lawsuits against folks who were unemployed, on public assistance or disabled.

Nice to see the good guys win for a change.

Update:  Highly recommended, attorney Ronald Coleman, What “Beating Righthaven” means.