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Shadowy Union SuperPAC Joins Alan Grayson As Accidental LI Advertisers

Shadowy Union SuperPAC Joins Alan Grayson As Accidental LI Advertisers

Fresh off seeing Alan Grayson ads all over conservative blogs (including LI), I’m now seeing an independent expenditure campaign against Scott Brown that highlights his conservative votes.

Ironically, it might even be helpful to Brown for such ads to appear on sometimes-skeptical conservative sites to highlight his conservative votes and emphasize how much the left is out to get him, but a pro-Brown entity is definitely not behind the ads.

Instead, the ads are sponsored by the anti-Brown SuperPAC RethinkPAC, which has not disclosed its donors, but is known to be backed by SEIU and the Massachusetts Teachers Association. (Other anti-Brown ads by the League of Conservation voters appear on some conservative sites as well, but not on LI that I have seen so far).

Keep wasting their money, Internet ad guys!


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We all know about boiler-room stock scammers, but almost nobody knows about the .org scammers. New age con men start up a slew of these phony groups with lovely sounding names – then they endorse each other and call it a “growing coalition” of you name it – environmental, social justice, family values groups… they cross-pollinate in order to look bigger than they are. In reality it is a very small group of people, bent on acquiring power and influence.

The papers dutifully print their press-realeases, and in their indolence, never look beneath the surface.

But that won’t last much longer. Much as the main stream media neglects their job, sites like and Discover The Networks, and Muckety are tracking the inter-relatedness, and reporting it out.

There’s big money behind a lot of this – and time you hear Tides Foundation and Fenton you know you’re onto one of the bigger fish, but there are many more. It’s big money, it’s lucrative, and they’re effective because no one ever asks amy questions. Start asking – in every community – who is this really? Where’s the money coming from?

And quit falling for the phony “grassroots” cloak – that’s a wolf under the fleece.

The picture of Grayson on his ad was positively EVIL! I guess that is the best they could find though considering how evil he is in real life…