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Selective Sermon Memory Disorder

Selective Sermon Memory Disorder

Calling Tad Devine.  You reopened the door by claiming the Romney campaign was bringing Jeremiah Wright back into play when clearly it was not.  Basically, you told people not to think about the pink elephant.

Now The Daily Caller has some more video of Obama praising his pastor and mentor.

Which doesn’t prove that Obama heard any of Wright’s firebrand sermons or heard about chickens coming home to roost at the time, but it does suggest that Obama may suffer from Selective Sermon Memory Disorder, defined as

“the denial of hearing that which you do not want others to know you heard, made with the confidence that there are no videotapes of you in the audience at the time.”


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The general mistake that people have of Obama is that he has any religous beliefs. His mother certainly didn’t instill any dogma into her son; she presented him with a virtual smorgasbord of religious beliefs.
Back in 2008, I came across an interview from a few years before (which I can’t find any more) with Obama where he described Jesus Christ as “an important historical figure.” No Baptist, Methodist, Catholic or other major Christian denomination would ever describe Jesus Christ first and foremost as “an important historical figure.”
Clearly, Obama was using Trinity United Church of Christ as a conduit to his community, not as a house of worship. It was in the true sense, a Marxist experience of seeing the “opium of the masses” and how to use it. It also gave him that infamous “street cred” that he lack due to his non-standard “black experience.”

If the Leftwing Media had sent 400+ reporters to ‘vet’ Obama they way they did when Sarah Palin got the VP nod, I’m sure they could have found all kinds of stuff on Obama & Wright. Trinity United used to sell recordings of their ‘services’. They stopped shortly after Obama announced his Presidential bid, but these can’t be that hard to find – assuming anyone bothered to look.

20 Years in that Church of Hate. Wright was Obama’s ‘Mentor’ and ‘Spiritual Advisor’. Plus, working with Wright outside his ‘church’ as a ‘Community Organizer’. Wright talks endlessly, and he pretty much stays on the same message all the time. It is literally inconceivable that Obama is/was not fully aware of what he stands for.

When its an R candidate, if they get so much as an endorsement from a religious leader that they have never had any association with, the media will dig through that leader’s past to find some non-pc position and use it to tar the R with the association and pressure him to distance himself from that person. Obama publicly named 3 religious ‘mentors’: Wright, James Meeks and Father Michael Pfleger – all three of whom hate America and teach that all its people are racists. No one in the Leftwing Press found this the least bit newsworthy.

Remember back in ’07 when the media reluctantly started covering Wright? He would play ‘stump the reporter’, asking them if they’d read this book or that book that his ‘Black Liberation Theology’ was based on. Invariably, the reporter would be completely clueless, Wright would go on a rant and then the interview would end. Not one reporter took the trouble to find out what it was that was being taught at his Church.

Turns out, ‘Black Liberation Theology’ is basically Marxist social theory combined with Malcom X’s brand of racial justice – prominently including his tactic of blaming white people and the US for everything that’s wrong in the ‘black community’.

Periodically, during a ‘sermon’ Wright will end a hate-filled rant with a vague claim that its “in the Bible” (none of it ever is, of course). That’s about as close as they ever get to Christianity.

So, @Neo, you’re correct. What is preached at Trinity United is NOT religion. It certainly isn’t Christianity.

Marxist socialism, hatred of white people, hatred of the United States. That’s what they preach.

20+ years, in and out of the ‘church’, Obama had a close relationship with Wright. He brought Michelle there, he was married there.

They brought their children there to be indoctrinated into Wright’s hatreds.

Its incredibly offensive whenever Obama tries to claim the mantle of Martin Luther King. What he believes in is just the opposite of what King stood for.

    I made no claim that at Trinity United is not Christianity or anything else. I only claimed that Obama wasn’t there for the religion.