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Seems somewhat defensive

Seems somewhat defensive

for a first television ad (h/t @Allahpundit):

Although she may be on the defensive with ads like this against her:


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The “Who I Am” ad makes me think “OK, you are an affirmative-action hire.”

So she’s saying she’s faced adversity in her life, but nonetheless she has partaken of the American dream (although she fails to mention she is in the top 1% as has been reported).

Good for her. If she can do it, anybody can (at least to the point of having a comfortable life).

LukeHandCool (who is relieved that he didn’t post any really weird comments at LI last night. His wife made a meal that just cried out for too much wine. Then he received unexpected good news about a relative he’s been worried about, which called for more wine. The perfect storm. On the rare occasion he’s had way too much to drink he tends to get sappy and sentimental. I guess what he’s trying to say is, “LI Community, You are all his best friends!!!” And he will now drive to work with a 1 in 1,000 year event flood of wine hangover).

When you are far to the Left of Marx, how do you sell yourself to the public?

Marx wanted to redistribute the profits of labor to laborers (screwing capitalists). Democrats want to redistribute the wages of laborers to people that either don’t work at all or work for the government in jobs that produce nothing of value.

They really have a very limited playbook (and usually use some combination of them)

Play #1) Pretend to be a Conservative, or at least a Moderate. Obama in ’07, for instance, ran one of the most successful Moderate Republican campaigns in history. He promised a taxcut to 95% of families, he promised to cut the deficit in half and he promised a ‘net spending cut’. How’d that work out?

Play #2) Make it personal. Promote yourself personally while be so non-committal on the issues that you appear to be everything to everyone. Again, an example from Obama ’07: They created this narrative of how ‘historic’ his candidacy was. The Media fell all over themselves writing Hagiography for him. Meanwhile, O himself, in his own words “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

3) Destroy your opponent. Also an Obama/Axelrod specialty. Its easy to win if you can get your opponents name removed from the ballot, or find dirt in sealed divorce papers that gets your opponent to withdraw from the race. Helps to have a compliant media that can, say, run 90+ stories trashing your opponent in a 5 day period.

Even in a Blue state like MA, you rarely catch a glimpse of a D politician telling you how they really plan to govern. Only in gerrymandered ‘safe’ congressional districts (usually of the majority-minority type) do D’s feel free to be themselves.

They need to make an add that shows her telling everyone how what they earned belongs to us all because of the social contract.

Honestly, she is so far off the reservation it’s scary. Then again, Scott Brown is not exactly one of the brightest bulbs in the bunch either.

If the US breaks up one day, I’d love to see the N East become it’s own country. Then people like Warren, Schumer, and other far left people from that region will be left to make their own way. Good bye, good riddance, get lost.

Warren earns $375,000 at Harvard to teach one class a semester, she is the problem not the solution. Brown should just sit back and watch her implode, she will do herself in with her crazy agenda. Should be a good show, Boston, Cambridge, and Newton will go for her just like they went for Martha. Good luck in western Massachusetts, arrivederci.

One thing that strikes me as curious. The Boston Globe didn’t put in it’s article the rant that showed her true colors. Remember how no one ever made it on their own, it required the taxes of others, etc. Wouldnt that have put her into proper context.

Then again the truth isnot something the media wants.

1. Warren states that she married at 19; she neglects to say that she divorced her engineer spouse at 29 and remarried a lawyer who has joined her on the Harvard faculty.

2. The arguably defensive tone of her ad may be because she is bending over backwards to avoid the arrogant image that Brown’s previous opponent, Martha Coakley, projected. It’s also, perhaps, taking a bit out of the Palin playbook.

3. The leftist site that I follow is already touting Warren 2016.

4. While I will not vote for Warren, Brown has turned his back on the Tea Party people who put him in office and does not deserve reelection. What is it with all the GOP politicians who think it is the height of statesmanship to turn their back on their base and pander to their opposition? Intrade currently gives Brown a one-in-three chance. That sounds about right to me.