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Romney supporter claims Newt bought my endorsement

Romney supporter claims Newt bought my endorsement

The Romney trolls have come out in full force since I ran my post yesterday, Why I Support Newt Gingrich.

Here’s an e-mail I received this morning (emphasis mine):

You seem to have been a day early in your Gingrich endorsement, precisely because he has been slinking around under the radar with a joke of a campaign apparatus.  It leads me to think that he paid for your endorsement with his hard-earned crony capitalist dollars. How a day of vetting can change everything.  Throw-away lines at debates are one thing, even as that ineffable word of his, “fundamentally”, grows more tiresome with each predictable utterance.  How he made his living since the summary execution by Bill Clinton is another.

Unlike Gingrich, Romney’s past was thoroughly vetted during his senatorial and gubernatorial runs.  If Bain was such a bane against his candidacy, how did he manage to be elected Governor of Massachusetts?  A successful governor at that, who managed to piggy-back on Bill Weld’s success and maintain just enough Republican seats in the State Senate to uphold vetos.  A careful review of the senate race against Ted Kennedy, should you be even-handed enough to do so, will show that the polls swung decisively against Romney only after Kennedy pulled a savage anti-Morman shtick in the last three weeks of the campaign.  It was a desperate ploy that worked in heavily Catholic Massachusetts but won’t work in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, etc.  Unless, that is, you believe Christian Evangelicals will either stand down or swing decisively behind Obama and that anti-Mormonism is something other than religious bigotry.  In fact, Romney would have been a far stronger candidate against Obama in 2008, not pouting in the U.S. Senate while bailing out Wall Street banks and blowing the message as McCain did.

Does a front-page NY Times article on a nebulous Bain investment, in lieu of coverage of the Republican foreign policy debate in South Carolina, not count as vetting of Romney?  The finest 90 minutes in the history of CBS, Iwould add, facetiously, and so nice of The NY Times not to mention it.  Granted, the Grey Lady has become a joke, mostly, in its political coverage, but it still wields influence.  How else to account for its photo choices — a glum,sleep-deprived Romney contrasted with a smilingly cheerful Obama in the same fold.  How its innards must churn to feel no effect on Republican polling.

You would be wise to pull a mea culpa and reverse that Gingrich endorsement.

David Farren
East Chatham, New York

I think I’m onto something here.  And by the way, the accusation is false.


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One word: Romneycare.

laughable accusation and a prime example of Establishment Republicans practicing “scorched earth” and “eating its own” policies.

As Newt has elegantly demonstrated, Obama is the one to defeat – not each other.


Romneycare legitimizes Obamacare, Federalist arguments aside. Nominating Romney, would take away one of our most potent arguments in the election.

Something in the milk ain’t clean. The “crony capitalist dollars” sounds like a Ronulan, not a Romneyan. Romney is all about capitalism, and one of the prime attributes of capitalism is its ability to rent cronies. There is no way under Heaven for an Romneyan not to know his/her candidate is hair-gel-deep in corporatism, cronyism, and capitalism.

As for the anti-Mormon shtick: it’s a function of eschatology and christology, not bigotry. The Mormons know that, and so do Christians.

    Yes it is irritating that whenever one points out Romney’s devoted faith in the Church of Global Warming/Climate Change fraud the debate is met with “you’re a Mormon hater!!!!”

    Anyone think that if Mitt Romney were President today that he too would be plying billions of tax-dollars into all the Green ‘Alternative’ Energy companies in return for Big Donor campaign cash?

I heard Newt set you up with a Tiffany charge account too! /sarc

I can’t get on the Newt train, but people accusing you of being “bought” because you disagree with them is such a Chicago tactic. LOL. I’m convinced half the Romney trolls are actually obots. Obama wants to run against Romney.

    andcar in reply to votermom. | November 17, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    The MSM wants Obama to run against Romney. All the other Repubs will be tarred and feathered during the primary season; Romney’s media vetting will launch like a Saturn V right after he cinches the nomination.

    beloved2 in reply to votermom. | November 17, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Ha,ha,ha! Actually I had the exact same thought-it is from an Obot because Romney would be easily beaten by the ACORN voting fraud, George Soros influenced media, and the Mulatto so he would want to have Romney as the GOP candidate.
    Professor, I think you have stirred up some envy from the leftosphere because Rush Limbaugh read your Legal Insurrection on the air to his 15 million(Wikipedia)weekly listeners for more than 8 minutes. How many of those 15 million are registered voters? How much influence would you have with those 15 million probable voters? BTW how much does Rush pay? I’ve read and enjoyed Legal Insurrection for free. I thought he was doing a public service by reading it to 15 million voters. You didn’t deny the accusation, just emboldened the letters. Now if Rush will just read your endorsement, maybe it will railroad another Obot/Romneyite.

Yeah, silly email. Not even sure it’s worth posting, but I don’t think your endorsement was bought. (Misplaced? Yes. Bought? No.)

I R A Darth Aggie | November 17, 2011 at 11:07 am

I will cheerfully endorse any candidate that pays me off.

First come, first served. I’m looking at you, Ron Paul. You know you wanna.

    Forget it. Ron Paul is running his campaign on a shoe-string, a piece of chewing gum and the uninformed enthusiasm of 20-somethings that don’t know better because they haven’t lived long enough to know better. That’s how he stays in the nomination race as long as he does: get a lot of money through donations up front, influence the debate, stick around WELL past when it’s possible for him to win, and try to push the isolationist-libertarian position as long as possible.

As someone once said: “whether or not the accusation is true, I now know a LOT about the accuser”. I wish you would publish the author’s name, so I know to watch out for them. If someone is “brave” enough to make their accusations in private, they should be brave enough to make them in public.

Makes you wonder about “projection” .. would Romney be willing to buy endorsements ? Do they ?

In vetting Romney it appears that the Crony Capitalist Goldman Sachs dollars are shifting to from Obama to Romney

Romney’s problem is that the Big Donors will want their palms greased just as they wanted it from Obama.

I’m voting ABO however too many palm-greasers running for me back one candidate. Though Newt is corrupt palm-greaser he is not as corrupt as Romney and Perry is less corrupt than either but Perry fell upon his ‘heartless’ message. Santorum is the least of the corrupt (if he rose in the polls there’d be more vetting of his campaign donors) while Cain has no record to show he cannot be corrupted.

Sarah Palin has the best record yet of showing she cannot be bought unfortunately the ‘unelectable’ crowd shouted with such vigor ‘she should stay out of the race’ that they effectively gave us no choice but to choose between one corrupt palm-greaser and next.

Damnit prof, I expected you to be an independent voice. Now that I know you can be bought I have to find another blog to linger on.

Geesh, what tool that emailer is.

“A successful governor at that, who managed to piggy-back on Bill Weld’s success and maintain just enough Republican seats in the State Senate to uphold vetos.”
Successful by who’s standards? He was far from the worst governor we’ve had (that would be the guy we have now, at least in my time in the state) but to call Romney successful is to set the bar low.

While there is much to agree with what Mr. Farren wrote, his shameless and baseless calumny toward Prof. Jacobsen leads me to recoil from echoing any of the themes he has touched on in his letter. In fact, I shall take this opportunity to nail some low hanging fruit that Farren pathetically leaves for Romney bashers. Farren touts Romney as having been the preferable candidate to face Obama in the 2008 election. That may be true. McCain threw up on himself in the face of the financial crises spewing such ineffective campaign rhetoric such as “Greed, greed, greed, … and Chris Cox!” But, McCain was not alone in his support for the bailout of the banks as Farren disingenuously implies. Romney also supported TARP. Gringrich, on the other hand, was a contemporaneous detractor of the bailouts.


workingclass artist | November 17, 2011 at 11:44 am

That’s an ugly e-mail….Sheeesh!

I’m a Perry supporter but The professor has a right to support who he wants to and has bee fair in allowing discussion of the candidates on his blog which I think is great.

    been VERY fair IMO.
    this email is a crock, probably actually written by karl rove….ok maybe not but if people are falsely accusing people may as well play that too.

When did Ann Coulter start using “David Farren” as a nom de plume?

How can anyone passionately defend or attack for Romney? I don’t get it.

The Romney supporter wrote:

…he has been slinking around under the radar with a joke of a campaign apparatus…

What kind of stupidity is this. (Go support Obama then, where there’s a well-funded and slick campaign machine.)

I thought I saw your endorsement on ebay, but thought it was a joke. What will it cost me for you to endorse my friend, who’s running for school board next year?

Just before Mitt Romney left the Massachusetts governor’s office and first ran for president, 11 of his top aides purchased their state-issued computer hard drives, and the Romney administration’s e-mails were all wiped from a server, according to interviews and records obtained by the Globe.

Romney administration officials had the remaining computers in the governor’s office replaced just before Governor Deval Patrick’s staff showed up to take power in January 2007, according to Mark Reilly, Patrick’s chief legal counsel.

As a result, Patrick’s office, which has been bombarded with inquiries for records from the Romney era, has no electronic record of any Romney administration e-mails, Reilly said.

I heard that bumper sticker companies were paying you zillons, Professor, so you would keep running different bumper sticker posts.

Oh yea, I also heard that Nikon was paying you for the same thing so that you would inspire people to take more pictures and, of course, buy more cameras.

Clearly, what is happening here is that by posting this email the good perfesser has announced to all candidates two items:

1. He can be bought.

2. The bidding is now open.

I’d heard that making one’s blog financially viable is tough.


You have to wonder why Romney supporters think attacking other voters is likely to endear their choice to people. As a former quasi Palin supporter the level of support I give to another GOP candidate will be/has been impacted by the insults that candidates base spews.

I would respond to this email by suggesting the originator read or re-read “How to win friends and influence people.”

To unknowingly suggest that someone can have his endorsement bought is offensive and certainly is counterproductive to winning people over to Romney.

    DaveO in reply to mdw9661. | November 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    mdw9661: that’s the point of the email. To purposefully drive folks away from Romney but pretending to be a very bitter Romneyan.

    If it’s a Ronulan, is a sleight uptick in the complexity of their attacks. If it’s a member of the Soros trolletariat, Axelrod may want to get his money back.

It’s interesting to watch these people project things on you and then comment on their projections.

To be honest with you, this dude appears to be a ‘seminar caller’ (emailer), two things point me to this conclusion. His use of the favorite liberal cliche’ ‘capitalist dollars’ and his obvious bitterness regarding Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

While Newt may have a few problems, he’s not hemorrhaging from the jugular like Romney is (ie Romneycare/Obamacare = Obamaromneycare?). Romney’s record is terrible BUT I will support ANY candidate over Obama next year

Sheesh – if the idiot really thinks the Prof has been bought and paid for, then I wonder what he has to say about Ann?

Fortune cookie says…
“When one finger points to me, three fingers point back to you.”

So, how much did you get? Most of those ****** probably think it was thirty pieces of silver.

I’m guessing it was a autographed book and a promise to consider you for Attorney General. (Lawrence Tribe eat your heart out. Or has he always wanted to be a Supreme?) (NO not with Diana, the OTHER ones.)

I actually like that folks are hot about a candidate. It shows involvement and an awareness of how important this election will be. I just hope that too many don’t get pouty when their candidate loses and take their vote and stay home.

That would be a tragedy.

You know, Romney has not ever undergone the intense media-attacks that Newt has had. To be fair, Newt earned some of that media scrutiny. However, it seems to have made Newt stronger and the better candidate. He seems not to buckle when the news goes south for him — like his “candidacy-ending” vacation after losing advisers. I like that.

If the other candidates were going after Romney effectively, and Romney countered them without cracking up, perhaps I would feel better about the man. But I sense the media is allowing Romney a pass because it plans to give him the same treatment it gave McCain. Or worse. And some of the tactics they may be using against Romney could be based on lies and distortions. At this time, we have no clue how Romney will handle the challenge. I am not easy about this fact. If Romney is the challenger to Obama, I don’t want him to fold under the weight of Chicago-style thuggary,

Professor — attacking you seems so senseless. Isn’t it your right to like or not like a candidate based on your findings? Attacking you as being “bought” does not seem like a terribly smart move if someone want to persuade you to support Romney. And, shame on them — they haven’t followed you long enough to know how you have fairly considered the others in the GOP line.

Wotta maroon.

Give ’em hell, Prof.

I am not sure where to begin. Kennedy did not have to resort to anti-Mormon bigotry to defeat Romney but Romney did run further left than Teddy. Most of that e-mail is nonsensical wishful thinking and I don’t believe even Romney believes what that guy wrote.
Either the writer drank too much Kool-aid or his magic underwear cut off his circulation.