The Romney trolls have come out in full force since I ran my post yesterday, Why I Support Newt Gingrich.

Here’s an e-mail I received this morning (emphasis mine):

You seem to have been a day early in your Gingrich endorsement, precisely because he has been slinking around under the radar with a joke of a campaign apparatus.  It leads me to think that he paid for your endorsement with his hard-earned crony capitalist dollars. How a day of vetting can change everything.  Throw-away lines at debates are one thing, even as that ineffable word of his, “fundamentally”, grows more tiresome with each predictable utterance.  How he made his living since the summary execution by Bill Clinton is another.

Unlike Gingrich, Romney’s past was thoroughly vetted during his senatorial and gubernatorial runs.  If Bain was such a bane against his candidacy, how did he manage to be elected Governor of Massachusetts?  A successful governor at that, who managed to piggy-back on Bill Weld’s success and maintain just enough Republican seats in the State Senate to uphold vetos.  A careful review of the senate race against Ted Kennedy, should you be even-handed enough to do so, will show that the polls swung decisively against Romney only after Kennedy pulled a savage anti-Morman shtick in the last three weeks of the campaign.  It was a desperate ploy that worked in heavily Catholic Massachusetts but won’t work in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, etc.  Unless, that is, you believe Christian Evangelicals will either stand down or swing decisively behind Obama and that anti-Mormonism is something other than religious bigotry.  In fact, Romney would have been a far stronger candidate against Obama in 2008, not pouting in the U.S. Senate while bailing out Wall Street banks and blowing the message as McCain did.

Does a front-page NY Times article on a nebulous Bain investment, in lieu of coverage of the Republican foreign policy debate in South Carolina, not count as vetting of Romney?  The finest 90 minutes in the history of CBS, Iwould add, facetiously, and so nice of The NY Times not to mention it.  Granted, the Grey Lady has become a joke, mostly, in its political coverage, but it still wields influence.  How else to account for its photo choices — a glum,sleep-deprived Romney contrasted with a smilingly cheerful Obama in the same fold.  How its innards must churn to feel no effect on Republican polling.

You would be wise to pull a mea culpa and reverse that Gingrich endorsement.

David Farren
East Chatham, New York

I think I’m onto something here.  And by the way, the accusation is false.