This is beginning to look more like farce.

Via @DanRiehl, CNN reports that Herman Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar will not do the joint press conference she has been threatening unless the two still anonymous accusers come out and participate:

Herman Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar is “not considering a press conference” if only she and the other named accuser, Sharon Bialek, are willing to participate, according to a source close to Kraushaar.

“She still would like to have a press conference with all four women” who have accused Cain of sexual harassment, the source said, but it has not yet come together.

Thursday morning, Kraushaar’s attorney, Joel Bennett, told reporters that she has called the two anonymous accusers, but they have not returned her calls.

The source told CNN that Kraushaar has not yet decided what she will do, if anything, on her own if the two remaining accusers want to stay private.

Kraushaar demanded that the National Restaurant Association release her from her confidentiality agreement, which it did, but she still refused to reveal the details.  Now she is imposing more conditions.

I don’t know what Kraushaar’s claims and proof are.  But she should put an end to this charade by requesting that the NRA release both her original complaint and the NRA’s entire file on its investigation and severance agreement.

Update:  Confirmed that Kraushaar will not talk unless in a group:

Joel P. Bennett, who represents Karen Kraushaar, said his client did not intend to talk to the media, or to authorize him to talk further, until — and unless — the other women agree to come forward together.

“She will have no further comment until that time and she and I will not be granting any interviews to the media before any such press conference,” Mr. Bennett told reporters during a brief news conference outside his Georgetown office.


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