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Politics makes strange …

Politics makes strange …

Thanks to reader and frequent photographer Lenny who writes:

A van in a south St. Louis, Mo. grocery store parking lot. I cropped out the fun-house mirror effect. 🙂


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I can’t think of a more damning indictment of Paul’s foreign policy views.

With all the problems facing us in the world, I am pretty sure striving for ‘Peace in our time’ is the worst option. I doubt Ron Paul is a ‘Peace through strength’ advocate and IIRC, he has never voted in favor of a defense appropriation.
His ‘America, come home’ mantra is eerily reminiscent of George McGovern and Henry Wallace; two really staunch conservative republicans. (yes, this last comment is sarcasm)

I assume the date on the Paul sticker is ‘2012’ – which reveals what I’ve noticed often: the disillusioned Obama ’08 supporters, who believed he was going to “change” our economy for the better and “hoped” that he was going to do what he promised, go for Libertarian/isolationist Paul.

Legalize drugs. End all wars. Prosecute terrorists or enemy combatants at GITMO in our courts. The Fed (or “big bad greeeeedy banks/Wall Street” under Obama) is the root of all economic problems. Paul matches all this.

He is a fiscal “hawk” but a naive foreign policy “dove” – which many Dems identify with. I wonder why?

Utopian worldview? Not seeing reality? Believing the propaganda? Who knows.

Wrong, regardless. Foolish, and dangerously wrong.

From hope and change to hopeless.

theduchessofkitty | November 14, 2011 at 2:07 am

If politics makes for strange bed-fellows, there better be a condom or two in sight…