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Phase 2 rollout!

Phase 2 rollout!

The long-promised Phase 2 is here:

Phase 2 will take place sometime over the summer [hah!], hopefully sooner rather than later.  Phase 2 will include the creation of a format off the home page for registered users in which we can focus on specific political races, topics, or candidates independent of any particular blog post.  This will be in keeping with my goal of focusing the blog on a relatively small number of races which are flying under the radar in which we may be able to make a difference for conservative candidates, similar to what I tried to accomplish in the 2010 elections.

Phase 2 finally has arrived.  Notice the new navigation bar above?  That’s how you access the focus pages, which will rotate through the bar at random, or hit “More” to see them all.

The focus pages are set up to allow registered users to comment (with most recent on top) on a specific race or topic apart from regular blog posts, and to keep each other apprised as to what is happening independent of my posts.  Here is my sketch which gave rise to the focus page format:



Thanks to Ed Burns for putting my thoughts into pixels.

As of now, there are only three races selected, my home districts (RI Senate and RI-01), plus Allen West in FL-22.  I’m still sorting through the other races to focus on, but it’s more difficult because of redistricting.  I remember your prior recommendations, but please feel free to update me in the comments.

As time goes on, I’ll be adding more races, and perhaps some other special focuses.

I’ve also added a Tip Line page where you can alert me and each other to news items, video links, etc.  (those who e-mail me can continue to do so, as well).  We’ll see how that works and if it’s a keeper.

Hope you like it, and find it useful as we move into the most important election season since The Great Depression.


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Can we please, please, please add some primaries? I feel like the establishment RINOs are starting to feel a bit bolder that this Tea Party thing, while not going away, can be contained.

Let’s go RINO hunting on an undeserving incumbent somewhere 😉 (figuratively speaking, of course).

    William A. Jacobson in reply to PrincetonAl. | November 9, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    Give me some suggestions. (RI-01 essentially is a primary for now, with a Tea Party friendly candidate, Loughlin, against the establishment candidate)

Cowboy Curtis | November 9, 2011 at 1:23 pm

Ed Burns is doing ‘puter stuff now? I really liked “She’s the One”, but his movies since then haven’t done anything for me.


BTW I think it will be the most important election since the 1912 Election and the Election that was the recovery from the ‘Progressive Era’, The Wilson Debacle, and the 1920 Depression, the 1920 Election,_1920

Please don’t forget Operation Counterweight. We really need to focus on the Senate and House elections as well as state house elections. God forbid Obama gets re-elected, we will need a Republican/Conservative US Senate and House to frustrate him to high heaven and keep him from doing much more damage.

May I suggest from a usability standpoint that the most recent comments appear last as it currently is. What makes L.I. interesting are the comments shaped by or in response to preceding comments. This chronological log a la iChat/iM is easier to read/follow than otherwise. We would be in effect scrolling backwards to get the context of a developing thread.

The FOCUS strip is brilliant + is a great resource for grassroots activists. Smart upgrades like this is what sets L.I. apart from other armchair conservative blogs.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to Aucturian. | November 10, 2011 at 11:33 am

    My concern with the usual chronological order is that these post will remain open indefinitely requiring readers to scroll through months-old comments to get to the most recent. I’ll have a better feel once activity on the pages picks up in the new year, and we always can go back to the old comment format if this isn’t working.

I’d put the ‘tip line’ in a permanent spot on the sidebar. Say, right below your picture perhaps, rather than having it float around on the focus bar.

Otherwise, keep up the good work. The last big upgrade was a major improvement, can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next one.

The new additions are great. Cutting edge blogging… Ahead of the curve…Your setting the blog bar for the future. You get the picture. Well worth the wait. Thanks for all you do.

OUTstanding! You, sir, are deeply appreciated? I like that you ask us for ideas : )

PS. I’m going to do a LikeHandCool here.
Heather who is sitting by the fire with her mom, drinking spiced (Cap Morgan) cider and watching the snow POUR outside. : )

Professor J, your sketch is going to cause me to have nightmares! I’m a web developer and see this all the time, you’d think that I’d get used to it. If I could humbly give you a suggestion, look for a ‘responsive’ web designer so that your site will function on a mobile as well as a browser. BTW, love your blog! ~Blessings

Wow, Neat!

Senate is one of the things I’m looking at.

In the 2010 Election I read something to the effect “Senate Leadership” read-the-riot-act to Jim Demint for his “Senate Conservatives Fund” for endorsing one or more candidates against Incumbent Republicans.

Here is the Senateconsevatives fund link to his endorsements, looks like he has a Texas, Nebraska, and Ohio candidate at this time.

It’s “Senate Class 1” that’s up for 2012.

First [Senate] Question is ‘Are there any Republican Senators who really should be Primaried?

Obviously every Dem candidate should be opposed.

On the House side it was very gratifying that the multi-generation [since 1933] Michigan family Dynasty was defeated.

My first thought in the House is Defazio in Oregon who enacted “Retribution” on the PHd Candidate children of his Republican opponent.

It might be worthwhile to tour through Cooks or some other 2010 Election website to see which key leadership Dems had a ‘close call’ in 2010??

You know, the new redistricting of my home state of Missouri finally gives us the chance to end the Caranahan Dominance of our fair state. (OK that’s not entirely true, Robin Carnahan would still be SoS, but after the thumping she got in the ’10 senate race, there are rumors she’s just going to step down at the end of her term.)
Akin is running for Senate, and his district is still a republican lock it seems. Carnahan is now faced with the option of challenging Lacy Clay (unlikely) for D-1’s seat or trying to take on the Republican from the 9th District whose going to run (since his district is the one actually being eliminated).
Although it’s considered a republican lock, I’m not entirely sure. Carnahan has pretty much run on his name, and that may continue to carry him in this election.