The long-promised Phase 2 is here:

Phase 2 will take place sometime over the summer [hah!], hopefully sooner rather than later.  Phase 2 will include the creation of a format off the home page for registered users in which we can focus on specific political races, topics, or candidates independent of any particular blog post.  This will be in keeping with my goal of focusing the blog on a relatively small number of races which are flying under the radar in which we may be able to make a difference for conservative candidates, similar to what I tried to accomplish in the 2010 elections.

Phase 2 finally has arrived.  Notice the new navigation bar above?  That’s how you access the focus pages, which will rotate through the bar at random, or hit “More” to see them all.

The focus pages are set up to allow registered users to comment (with most recent on top) on a specific race or topic apart from regular blog posts, and to keep each other apprised as to what is happening independent of my posts.  Here is my sketch which gave rise to the focus page format:



Thanks to Ed Burns for putting my thoughts into pixels.

As of now, there are only three races selected, my home districts (RI Senate and RI-01), plus Allen West in FL-22.  I’m still sorting through the other races to focus on, but it’s more difficult because of redistricting.  I remember your prior recommendations, but please feel free to update me in the comments.

As time goes on, I’ll be adding more races, and perhaps some other special focuses.

I’ve also added a Tip Line page where you can alert me and each other to news items, video links, etc.  (those who e-mail me can continue to do so, as well).  We’ll see how that works and if it’s a keeper.

Hope you like it, and find it useful as we move into the most important election season since The Great Depression.