Although many in the media are using terms like “sexual harassment,” the woman appearing on Atlanta TV tonight alleges a consensual 13-year extra-marital affair.  Initial details here.

Update: More details here.

And, here’s the video.  The only proof she pointed to was relatively recent cell phone records.  That would prove they knew each other.  If she flew around the country and stayed with him in various hotels over a long period of time, presumably there would be records and witnesses.  We’ll see how that develops:

As noted in the comments and in the video, there also have been reports that the woman has a background of prior lawsuits and financial problems, but that doesn’t mean what she said is not true.

Unlike the Politico vague allegations, we have an accuser, and relatively specific and provable or disprovable allegations. I’d like to see some more specifics, such as what hotels she traveled to, when, who else saw them, etc.


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