One of the accusers against Herman Cain apparently has requested that she be relieved of the confidentiality agreement she entered into with the National Restaurant Association to the extent of releasing a statement setting forth her version of what happened over a decade ago, but not her name or any other details:

The draft of the statement given to the association, according to [her attorney] Bennett, is a summary of “what she did and why she did it.” But it will not include specifics about any incidents nor will it include the amount of the settlement.

As I have said before, all the facts should come out, not just the second- and third- hand characterizations we hear from Politico and others.

Identify her; this is not a criminal rape case where there is a rape shield law or where newspapers follow a policy of not identifying the victims of sexual assault.  If she wants to go public with her accusations she has no privacy interest behind which to hide.  This is particularly so since various news organizations have been touting her professional accomplishments and good standing after leaving the NRA as a way of bolstering her credibility.

Also, the entire file should be released, not just a statement.  That is the only way what she says now can be compared to what she and others said then.  This should include interview notes and contemporaneous records which will shed light on news accounts that multiple board members got involved even though at least 10 board members at the time have now said that they never heard of any problems with Cain (that info. is buried on page 2 of this Politico story).

If we are going to reach a proper judgment on whether Herman Cain engaged in “sexual harassment” such that he should be precluded from high office, then let the light shed on everything, not just what the accuser or Cain’s political enemies want us to see.