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A colossal mistake, of historic proportions, the Great Error, the greatest political error since The Great Depression, the MAILER-DAEMON of presidents.

Spotted in my hometown in Rhode Island:


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Brilliant! The craze today is towards gross misspellings–boyz for boys, for instance. This homonym is no misspelling and it puns a lamentable lapse in judgment by the voters. 2012 can’t come soon enough. Where is that Sarah?

Haha! Return to sender!

Makes my day!
Praying that the constant feeling of “impending doom” is coming to an end.

Heh.. What is the hometown Prof?

I’m originally for RI and well, was smawt ’nuff to vacate the sinking ship back in 1990. It only took me fifty years to wise up. (Well I did spend some of *that* time working overseas).

But don’t count the O’bammy Chicago mob/machine/syndicate out yet as they have hardly begun to tap their chest of lying thieving dirty tricks.

Look for a horrible campaign and don’t get to close to the players or you might get some mud/rotten veggies/monkey feces on your freshly pressed suit…

Our press sold us down the river in ’08. Never again. Let us find a way to defeat the MSM and the Democrats.