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Liberate Wall Street! (And Main Street, Assorted Cities, etc.)

Liberate Wall Street! (And Main Street, Assorted Cities, etc.)

If the authoritarian anarchists (which, weird as it may be, is what they are) insist on using the language of occupation, so be it.

That means the rest of us can use the parallel language of liberation.  When the police clear out occupations, we should refer to the event as the liberation of those spaces.

We don’t need America’s cities to be “occupied” by law-breaking extremists. We need America’s cities to be liberated.

We need America’s cities to be liberated from crony socialism that undermines markets and enriches politicians and their friends;

We need America’s cities to be liberated from job-killing, over-criminalizing regulations that keep businesses, small and large, from hiring workers and serving their customers;

We need America’s cities to be liberated from unfair taxation that fuels unproductive policies;

We need America’s cities to be liberated from rent-seeking and rent-taking that undermines our republic and promotes toxic relationships between special interests and politicians ;

We need America’s cities to be liberated from crime and terrorism, with government accomplishing its first duty before taking on unhelpful optional tasks;

We need America’s cities to be liberated from the government-union education cartels that are failing America’s future;

We need America’s cities to be liberated from moral blindness that obscures who our true friends and enemies are;

Above all, we need America’s cities to be liberated from those politicians who use the force of government to impinge on, rather than to promote, freedom, prosperity, and fair order.

That’s my list.  What do you think we need to be liberated from?


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Now, where are the bumper stickers we can buy? I think you need to get copyright on the ‘Liberate ‘, and then use the proceeds to fund your blog.

HOLY COW! What a great idea!

Liberate Mobile, AL
Liberate Pensacola, FL
Liberate NYC
Liberate *ANYTHING*

What a great counter to this Occupy crap. Tea Party, Libertarians and other sensible minds should come together for this!

You’re preaching to the choir and I agree, the nonsense needs to stop, (or be stopped).

I don’t know if you’re young enough to remember the term, “Silent Majority,” as you are saying what most are thinking.

If we don’t change our priorities, we are in for tough times ahead for sure.

Fortunately, the “Silent Majority” occasionally musters the courage to toss most of the bums out…

As the future is our youth, we need America’s cities to be liberated from educational-fad-wielding, soapbox-climbing, gobbledygook spewing teachers and the quagmire that traps all would-be liberating forces of change … the teachers’ unions.

We need to be liberated from ecofacist watermelons we must act now because the apocalypse is here hysteria. Please get your boots off of our necks and driving up energy costs. Can we please move forward in a calm and rational way, rather than acting out of a state of panic and putting forth “solutions” that do not solve anything other than lining the pockets of cronies.

Can we be liberated from the hysteria machine in general? pass this bill, Pass This Bill, PASS THIS BILL (think Tazmanian Devil or Animal from the Muppets). Liberate us from the create a crisis then offer a solution bandwagon. Can we start thinking and acting from a rational place rather a hysterical imaginary crisis.

Liberate us from a congress that passes laws that they are immune from.

AMEN, brother Matthew!

Let the Liberating begin.

Their decision to use the “occupy” reference was truly a result of poor judgment. It has long enduring negative implications. I’m surprised that anyone is not aware of its historical usage and application. It is exceedingly vulgar. It didn’t help their cause when they introduced hazards during their occupation.

Progress is an ambiguous concept. Finally, we can pursue positive progress.

Welcome, liberators! You are the ones we have been waiting for.

I like it.

Conservatism = liberated so as to think free, be free, live free and to believe Truth is higher than “Feeling”

Liberalism = liberty from conservative values.

Doc Wahala
Today’s Fortune Cookie:
“Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.”

David R. Graham | November 16, 2011 at 12:39 am

You’re right, but “Liberation Theology” in its several iterations will be thrown against your point.

A form of “liberation from …..” would be more durable. TEA Party movement rests on that form.

For example, Liberation from Sadism.

David R. Graham | November 16, 2011 at 12:40 am

Or, Liberation from Chaos.

edgeofthesandbox | November 16, 2011 at 1:03 am

Great post. Liberate 2012!