It’s been a really long time (almost two years, I think) since I’ve done this.

A number of readers have been very generous over the years both in making one time donations and monthly subscriptions (starting at $5 per month) [Some people have had trouble with these links, if so, use the Donate buttons in the sidebar.].  (Note, donations are NOT tax deductible.)

These donations have been very helpful in funding the redesign of the blog, moving it to its own “vitrual server,” and setting up a variety of custom behind-the-scenes features which make it easier for me to manage the blog alone.

I expect there to be even more changes in technology both behind the scenes and up front in the coming year as we gear up for the most important elections Since The Great Depression.  In addition to the presidential campaign, where the Lombardi Rule will come into effect uniting me behind whoever the nominee is, we will be focusing on congressional races in the hope of electing a more conservative Congress to serve as a check and balance on the new Republican President.

The donations permit me to operate the blog without the annoying pop-up and other types of advertisements which would bring in more revenue, but would be, well, annoying.

There are other ways you can help.  Visit the Shopping Page and the sidebar where there are links to Amazon, Target, and other online stores.  I get a small percentage of any sales, at no extra cost to you.  As you do your holiday and Cyber Monday shopping, I encourage you to access the stores through those links.

I appreciate your support.