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Keep up this talk

Keep up this talk

and pretty soon the nanny state will try to stop us from using cell phones while driving.

Thanks to reader Robert in Texas, who writes:

I saw this in the visitors parking lot at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs this summer.

Covers all the bases, yes?


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It’s time to move on from the bumper sticker schtick

From this morning’s Plain Dealer:

“Senate Bill 5 repeal sets table for Democrats and President Barack Obama in 2012: Analysis”

I want to begin to seeing bumper stickers that lambast and mock the RNC and Republican establishment for being a bunch of ineffective wussies. The people in Wisconsin, Arizona, and other ground troops get my money from now on. If anything it proves again that all politics are local. Not one more goddamned cent to anyone anywhere near the beltway.

If you live in California, they already have.

If the mere existance of a gun is the deadly threat the Left claims, then the mere existance of a cell phone, regardless to its proximity to a car, should be held to the same threat level.

My children have been told if I ever hear of them not using a seat belt, or using a phone while driving, they will become pedestrians, regardless of the standards of proof.