Yesterday I noted the accusation by an anti-Israeli LGBT activist writing in The New York Times that Israel engages in “pinkwashing,” the promotion of its not-gay bashing, not-gay stoning, not-gay hating policies to cover up its suppression of Palestinians.

How long before Israel is accused of tanish-pinkwashing for publicizing a recent medical breakthrough by Israeli scientists in creating a new type of artificial pancreas treatment regimen:

Apparently for the first time in the world, a recent research study on children  with type 1 (insulin-dependent, juvenile- onset) diabetes aimed at creating an  effective artificial pancreas to produce insulin was held not in a hospital but  in a hotel.

The clinical trial was conducted by specialists at the  Schneider Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) at the Kibbutz Ma’aleh Hahamisha  Hotel outside Jerusalem. The prospective, crossover study, in which the whole  group receive the treatment but at different times, was part of the three-day DREAM (Diabetes wireless Artificial pancreas consortium) Camp for Children with  Diabetes.

It consisted of 18 kids aged 12 to 15 years; nine of them were  were connected to the artificial pancreas system on the first night of the camp,  while eight were connected on the second night. The benefit of being in a hotel  rather than a hospital ward was that the more pleasant, non-threatening  environment made the results more accurate.

Tanish-pink washing.  Evil, just evil.

You don’t see Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and the Mullahs in Iran using all their medical breakthroughs for propaganda purposes.

Just another reason to Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel.