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Iran doings

Iran doings

Some interesting Iran things going on.

A massive explosion at a military base / missile depot about 12 miles (some reports say 25 miles) from Tehran broke windows in the capital.

Claims already are being made that it was Israeli sabotage.

One of the dead was the head of Iran’s missile program.  If this was not a “work accident” and assassination by sabotage, it would fit into a pattern of senior Iranians connected with the nuclear program being eliminated in Iran.

And the son of a high-ranking Iranian official died under suspicious circumstances in Abu Dubai.  DEBKAFile claims the death used a similar method as the hit on a high-ranking Hamas official in Dubai in February 2010.

And Iran just admitted that a Stuxnet variant has infected computers in its nuclear program, although it claims that all is well.

Someone is stepping it up, the question is whether it’s too little too late.


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I hope Israel is turning it up on Iran. I’m glad Israel is not sharing its plans with the Obama regime. Should Iran ever fire off a nuclear missile, they will find out the extent to which the Jews they love to hate have compromised their nuclear system. I hope Netanyahu does a number all over Ahmadinejad, one that will make him return to Judaism and put an end to his anti-Semitic ways.

Israel is in advance preparations for a strike against Iran. The base that was destroyed housed their longest range missiles that could hit Israel.
I would expect some more prep work before they attack Iran.
The only question is did the US either know of or assist in the attack?

[…] Jacobson writes: Someone is stepping it up, the question is whether it’s too little too […]

Dont understand, sorry.

BTW: DEBKA is sufficiently unreliable that it should not be used as a source.

    DEBKA is about as reliable as the Main Stream Morons. I wouldn’t use them as my only source, but they seem to have the intelligence contacts necessary to dig down to get to the dirty laundry that a lot of other sources kind of gloss over. Plus, they’ll often take something that would otherwise be untouchable (like the false narrative provided by the Iranians on their nuclear scientists being killed in Tehran).

    Do they get it wrong? Sure, from time to time. Are they sometimes used as a propaganda outlet? Yes, but that’s for the same reason that anybody uses a widely read intelligence source – because it’s widely read.

True, agree with you re Debka – tends to be a little hysterionic.

that being said,,, nobody will know the truth behind the base and the people involved.

one thing is for sure,,, Israel will not let Iran go nuclear without an attempt to stop the process.

Unfortunately it is going to be too little, too late.

Israel is going to continue these sort of espionage activities attempting to cripple Iranian nuclear and missile progress, but at this point it is simply delaying the inevitable.

I think what Netanyahu is trying to do is to run out the clock on the Obama presidency and hoping that the American people find sense and vote in someone actually friendly to Israel. Someone who will actually back Israel when they do have to make a military strike.

Israel will have to perform a broad-spectrum military strike. It won’t be able to be a precision strike like the Osiris class reactor in Iraq, because Iran is too diffused for that type of single-attack strike to be effective. It will have to be very well planned, perfectly executed and flawlessly defended on the world stage. Hamas and Hezbollah elements in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza will retaliate via rocket-fire, and so the Israeli’s will need to be able to fight a multi-front battle (ground troops to the West and North, Air-power to the East.

As for whether the United States was informed of the Missile Base operation (if there was one) my guess would be “no.” The intelligence operations at Pentagon and Langley are savvy enough to recognize that the Missile Base blowing up in Iran was not some “routine accident,” especially with the roster of who was killed. That likely prompted the question (yet again) from the Obama Administration to whether Israel would tell the US before it attacked Iran. Israel properly replied with the correct political response under the current political coldness shown by Obama of “we’re not going to tell you. Be a better ally.”

nicely stated,,, agree mostly and here is where i differ.

I think Israel can stop or significantly delay the iranian program by “itself”. that may not be necessary though since there are others who share the same desire…

1. Obama,,, believe it or not he may act to save the Jewish vote. hows that for irony.
2. Irans neighbors ,,, have more to lose than Israel with a nuclear Iran. i have little doubt they are assisting and will assist in future operations

those are two obvious ones,,, there are less obvious ones too.

even without help Israel can put a huge dent in Irans nuclear program.
– Stuxnet, Stuxnet 2 , etc. Still infects their installations. nobody knows its true capabilities and there is a part of me that thinks that the Iranians dont want to find out either.

– missiles,,, sea based – Israel as several submarines off iranian shores.

– missiles,,, air based – no problem there,,, large amount of assets.

– missiles,,, land based – would not be surprised to see NON nuclear jerico’s and other long range high trajectory missiles being used to knock out buries sites

and of course there is always the nuclear option – God forbid.

anyhow,, getting long in the tooth here.

IMHO, obama has put Netanyahu off for some time in promising to help stopIran’s nukes. I’ll bet obama has lied to Netanyahu over and over again. Knowing obama, waiting is his whole way of governing. Doing nothikng is his whole plan for this region. Netanyahu has woke up to the fact that the US under obama will not help Israel. Obama’s policy is to desert Israel. And it would be suicide to tell obama anythin about Israels’s plans. It is a sad thing that things have come to this pass.That we would desert an ally we have supported for 60 odd years because we elected anti semetic, Palestinian loving POS.

This whole world is worse off since obama was elected.He and the dims are responsible the for world wide economy downturndue to their graft and corruption with Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac and obama is mainly responsible for the ME violence. He set these people up with promises to help them and did not follow through with his word. The US has lost more credibility than anyone knows. The rest of the world hated the US but they feared us under Bush. Now they hate us and are contmptious of us iunder obama. They all know what a wimp he is.

The US should make a declaration that should Iran nuke Israel, the US would retaliate with nukes of our own to eliminate Iran from the world. It probably would take some other president to do this. Obama is too much of a wimp.

the MAD doctrine will not work with Iran. Please to remember that “they” think its good to die for their cause and would consider a retaliatory attack on Iran as acceptable. They want a nuclear chaos. They win in that scenario.

Israel will do everything in its power to prevent Iran from going nuclear and a number of Iran’s neighbors will aid in that effort.

And I agree, as a registered Independent,,,, Obama has been a complete failure as President. Remarkable.