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Hasn’t everyone?

Hasn’t everyone?

Another photo from Linda taken at the Costco parking lot in Nashville, TN, which apparently is to bumper stickers what the Georges Bank is to fish.


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About a year ago, I spoke at a conference in Europe that attracted a lot of very rich people from all over the continent, as well as a lot of people who manage money for high-net-worth individuals.

What made this conference remarkable was not the presentations, though they were generally quite interesting. The stunning part of the conference was learning – as part of casual conversation during breaks, meals, and other socializing time – how many rich people are planning for the eventual collapse of European society.

Not stagnation. Not gradual decline. Collapse.

… and we get a President that just had to make America “more like Europe” just in time for the “Apocalypse.”

Not fair..! I always take my pictures at traffic stops…time to start working the local Wal-Mart…:P

    boudicca in reply to Ulises. | November 28, 2011 at 9:10 am


    I haven’t had much success trying to photograph bumpers at traffic lights with my smart phone. I did follow a vehicle into the Sam’s Club parking lot, wait for the driver to enter the store and capture a great lefty sticker (which I won’t give away here yet, as it is in a “submitted, not yet run status”).

    Cruise through your Whole Foods store parking lot; it’s usually good for both right and left stickers.

    I get some real funny looks from onlookers sometimes as I snap bumpers from three or four angles for just the right lighting conditions, avoiding reflective glare and moving in for close ups.

    While off subject, I’ve begun to observe the able bodied people using handicapped parking spaces, as my sister requires a cane to walk and my mother requires a walker. It’s infuriating to see young, agile persons snagging the handicapped spaces, leaving the truly disabled to limp and roll from a distance.

You should see the ones that get away! Yesterday, there was a “Sorry Yet?” sticker speeding away in the dusk and drizzle on the interstate.

Yesterday’s, “We Say Chrustmas” sticker and today’s, “I Have Always Been Proud of America” sticker were on the same vehicle – on an out of county plate: A twofer.

    beloved2 in reply to boudicca. | November 28, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    boudicca: Have you seen the license plate? I also noticed We Say Christmas was on the right window and I have always been proud of America on the left window but cannot see the license. Is this vehicle’s license plate from Quebec? The white fleurdelise on azure blue on the Christmas sticker is the flag of Quebec.
    Professor, is this a Canadian who is always proud of America and specifically a Quebecoise who says Merry Christmas? Please don’t leave us in suspense.
    I have a bumper sticker that says “Israel, the other lone star state” with the Mogen David on white and the Texas lone star on its red white and blue. How do I submit the pic?
    Thanks for the humor, bumperstickers are cool.

I’m surprised by all the clever ones I get to see in Baltimore county (in the Popular Republic of MD)…the other day I was driving home from work and in front of me there was a car with a “Anyone but Obama 2012” sticker…

Actually, if I want to use a mass of fish as a comparison, I talk about the spillway at Pymatuning lake in PA, where “the ducks walk on fish.”

Mr. Jacobson, to answer your question, Michelle Obama said she wasn’t proud of America, until, of course, her husband was nominated. I doubt that she told the truth, though. She still may not be proud of America. She just is taking advantage of her position.

Totalitarian societies do not allow dissenting views — their leaders are “always proud” of their miserable countries and expect the same from their suffering populations. A dissent free country is the mark of a dystopian society. I agree that it is an enormous privilege to be an American citizen, but there is plenty to not be proud of — and chilling respectful dissent simply brings more dystopia.