Here’s the background via The NY Post:

Considering that President Obama has practically made New York his second  home between fund-raising, UN visits and “date nights” with the missus, you’d  think he’d be a little more sympathetic to beleaguered residents and workers  schlepping home on a work night — especially during the holiday season.

No such luck.

The president is in town tonight for three separate fund-raisers — on the same day as the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting  ceremony and concert.

Obama’s visit is a purely optional campaign stop that could’ve been  set at any time other than a moment when thousands of tourists will flock to the  Midtown area.

Here’s Donald Trump’s take.  Saw this on Greta last night.

By the way, I still don’t support him for President.  Obama I mean.

(h/t Nice Deb for the video link)