Edward Jay Epstein wrote an extremely interesting piece on the day that the US became acquainted with DSK‘s name. Important parts of the piece that a lot of outlets left out:

  • What took place between DSK and the maid in those six to seven intervening minutes is a matter of dispute. […] What is known is that DSK called his daughter on his IMF BlackBerry at 12:13 to tell her he would be late.
  • The man I asked to talk to—and to whom I was not put through—was René-Georges Querry, Sheehan’s ultimate superior at Accor and a well-connected former chief of the French anti-gang brigades, who was now head of security for the Accor Group.

The article makes it look like a set-up, but I wish it had brushed more upon what France has lost as a result of this scandal. From what I’ve read, DSK was more capable of handling the impending euro-disaster than any other candidate. (Don’t be fooled by the socialist sticker, nothing in European politics translates to American English well.)

He’s undoubtedly a scoundrel, but when has that stopped the French (or Americans) from electing a leader? I wonder what would happen if Newt Gingrich was seized in a sex scandal abroad in an American hotel and a weak testimony from a service-person with a sketchy past.