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Doers v. Talkers

Doers v. Talkers

Makes perfect sense.  Both car owners believe in freedom for all, but only one is willing to do something about it.

Thanks to reader Joel who writes:

Seen today as I walked to my car in the parking lot in Westlake Village (Ca). Of course, just next to it on the bumper’s left side was “coexist.” What I didn’t notice until I pulled away was that the car on the other side had a brand new–not kidding–“W ’04” sticker (the car was less than a year old). As I drove home I tried to imagine a bumper sticker that I’d put on my own car. Couldn’t think of one. New game, right?


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I’d guess that this sticker would be right at home on the bumper of a car owned by one of the “Oppress Wall Street” crowd……..