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Cain “4th Accuser” press conference // Update – alleges sexual advance after termination of employment

Cain “4th Accuser” press conference // Update – alleges sexual advance after termination of employment

Summary of press conference:  Woman alleges that in 1997 after her employment terminated with a National Restaurant Association affiliate, Cain made a single sexual advance at her which she rebuffed and which he stopped after she said no.  So the allegation is not one of workplace “sexual harassment” but of an alleged attempt at infidelity.

A variety of people on Twitter are characterizing this as a “serious sexual assualt,” but that is farfetched. Assuming what she says is true, he stopped when she said to stop and she did not allege any actual sexual touching, only an attempt. She says she mentioned to two people at the time that Cain was sexually inappropriate, but did not mention to details to them.

The political damage will be significant. Unlike the Politico stories, there is a face, name and specific accusations which are of a different character than the prior charges by employees who worked for Cain, but that will not make a difference to public perception. Unlike Bill Clinton, who was accused of not stopping when told “no,” Cain does not have the infrastructure to deal with “bimbo eruptions” as Clinton did, and a Republican candidate is held to a higher standard.

Here is Cain’s response:

“Just as the country finally begins to refocus on our crippling $15 trillion national debt and the unacceptably high unemployment rate, now activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of Republican front-runner Herman Cain.

“All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false. Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone. Fortunately the American people will not allow Mr. Cain’s bold “9-9-9 Plan”, clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by these bogus attacks.”


Gloria Allred is holding a press conference with a woman who claims to have been sexually harassed by Herman Cain. I’ll post updates as we go, and the video when available.

It started with a very bizarre introduction by someone who identified himself as Benjy Bronk, who said he was representing “Elisa Jordana,” and them proceeded to make jokes and recited hebrew prayers.  He chastised the reporters saying things like “maybe I’m the woman” and “you don’t know my genitalia,” “it’s not about me, it’s about Elisa Jordana” and what she’s gone through.  What a start.  I hope it’s included in the videos that circulate after the actual press conference.

Bronk works for Howard Stern.  I wonder if this is all a Stern punking of the press.  If not, it sure is bizarre.

Getting sense it’s a punk, Bronk identified Jordana as this person, or at least a takeover by the Stern show.  Looks like just a “takeover” press conference actually starting momentarily (1:50).

Name of accuser is Sharon Bialek, relates to 1995-96 when working for NRA education foundation in Chicago.  Hired to work on hospitality-business alliance new initiative.  Employed mid 2006-2007 (?) – Allred must have years off.

At will employee was terminated from NRA foundation.  Felt termination “unfair.”  Met Cain, on at least three occasions at NRA convention Cain seated next to her when he was keynote speaker.  She reached out to Cain to find another job.  Cain provided “his idea of a stimulus package.” Have written statements under oath from her boyfriend at time and another businessman that she told them about Cain at the time, and that she was upset and surprised and upset.

Allred says Cain “actively lying” to Americans.

Bialek recounted how she met Cain.  Asked him “when are you running for President.”  Invited her and boyfriend to join him at after-party, which she did.  Month later let go by foundation.  Boyfriend suggested she reach out to Cain, which she did.  Cain said he was unaware of it.

She asked to meet for coffee when she was in D.C.   Boyfriend booked room for her at Capitol Hilton.  Met there in July 1997.  Cain had upgraded her room to a suite without her knowing.  Then went out to Italian restaurant.  Cain said, “why are you here?”

She said looking for job, he said would show her NRA offices.  Parked one block from offices.  Instead of going into offices, reached over and put hand on leg under skirt and pulled head towards crotch.  She said what are you doing, you know I have a boyfriend.  Cain said, you have a job, right?  He stopped when she asked, and dropped her off at the hotel.

She told boyfriend and another person at the time.

She saw Cain about a month ago at a Tea Party conference.  She went up to him and asked him if he remembered her.  He said remembered her from foundation, but “looked uncomfortable,” then wisked away.

Didn’t file complaint against Cain because not employed by foundation when it happened.  Coming forward on behalf of all women “sexually harassed in the workplace.”

Wants Cain to admit to what he did.  “Mr. Cain I implore you, make this right so that you and the country can focus on the issues at hand.”

Allred did not allow Bialek to answer any questions.


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bob aka either orr | November 7, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Chicago, eh? Rahmbo was the leak that set Politico going.

There went 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

DINORightMarie | November 7, 2011 at 2:47 pm

So someone making an accusation pubicly, means now that someone is guilty until proven innocent? Because a lawyer who is notorious for taking publicity-hound hi-exposure leftist-helping cases is making the statements?

Hmmmm…… I still say it’s the “sex-crazed black man” card, being tossed down. The accuser is white, but that really doesn’t matter; but it does make the accusation take on a racial aspect that Clarence Thomas’ high-tech lynching didn’t, since Anita Hill was black.

I don’t throw that around lightly. It is right out of Rules for Radicals. And, as you say, “…Cain does not have the infrastructure to deal with ‘bimbo eruptions’ as Clinton did, and a Republican candidate is held to a higher standard.” [my emphasis] The black male Conservative is the especial favorite target of the left, because it is too easy for leftists to make a false case stick – to Alinsky-ize him.

In my humble opinion, this is a set-up. Let’s do some discovery and investigating on this one, now that it is out in the open. Who is this lady? Why now? Is she being paid by Allred? How did they happen to meet up? Why was she fired? Did this accuser REALLY work for the NRA at that time, or was it during 2006? Dates matter, especially as related to these accusations.

Also, what’s all this with the How-weird Stern Bronk clown making all those off-color jokes and bizarre statements? Pranked, punked, pwned – or for real? Does he know this lady by another name – or what?! Weird, indeed

Something stinks about all this. I just don’t buy it without some detailed facts, some discovery and/or investigation, and material evidence as to the veracity of the accusations, along with information on the background on the person as to why she never made a case of this until NOW.

theduchessofkitty | November 7, 2011 at 2:51 pm

“Didn’t file complaint against Cain because not employed by foundation when it happened. Coming forward on behalf of all women “sexually harassed in the workplace.””


This is serious stuff. Cain is now being accused of behaving like a Democrat. Hang him!

Can anyone say “weird”?

Sorry, but Gloria Allred holding a press conference at the Friar’s Club, with a “victim” who has nothing but her word to back the accusation? FAIL. Allred saw the air going out of the Cain hit and tried re-inflating the balloon and get her mug back in the news at the same time.

Pickled American | November 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Never. Ever. Underestimate the vileness of the Left. They play to kill.

Cain is a Republican. He’s a conservative. He’s pro-life. And, worst of all, he’s a black man who made it on his own.

He must be destroyed. Or else, who next will dare to rise to prominence – Allen West?

This is pure Alinsky. “Pick the Target, Freeze it, Personalize it, and Polarize it.”

Wake up conservatives! Don’t fall for it!

The fact that Gloria Allred is licensed to practice law is something to bear in mind any time somebody refers to the legal “profession”. A profession would expel somebody who behaves like her.

with all due respect,

some you are clinging to cain’s innocence like libs to co2/agw!

it’s like you think cain’s innocence is unfalsifiable!

is there nothing that convince you? do you need a blue dress with decades old dried sperm on it!?


    Short answer, Reliapundit: Yes. Here we have another mere accusation, without a corroborating witness.

    Cain is being excoriated in the press as some terminal sex assault artist, but all the accusations stem from one 3 year stretch (1993-1996) in his professional career; nothing from his Pillsbury/Godfather days; nothing from his time as a talk radio host; nothing when he ran for the US Senate. Indeed, there was nothing saidabout a personal trait that the shrinks tell us is pathological until the guy made it to the top of the primary polls.

    You’re damn right I wanna see something akin to a stained blue dress (She claims he “upgraded” her hotel room: OK, where’s the receipt?) before I jump on the MFM’s lynch mob.

SmokeVanThorn | November 7, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Claims like this are made all the time – not impressed.

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[…] A. Jacobson reminds us that since the woman alleged that the sexual advance took place “after her employment terminated with a National Restaurant Association affiliate . . . the allegat…“, adding that the “political damage will be significant”: Unlike the Politico […]

Gloria Allred? Forget it. This is the clear hand of the DNC playing the politics of personal destruction. Anybody who hires Allred is immediately suspect. This is Obama going after Cain.

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Everyone who has ever felt slighted by Cain as a CEO will now be encouraged by the Press to come forward.

I do not see how Cain will get out from under this. It will become a landslide, paid for by media.

This is why companies settle; there is no winning any of this, for the simple reason that even if some of it began as consensual, or was an invitation to infidelity, and then stopped, Cain will be viewed as guilty.

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