I have been warned almost since I started blogging that one of these days I would show up on University of Chicago Law School Professor Brian Leiter’s radar and that his world-renowned pettiness and nastiness would be visited upon me.

But at least I’m in good company [added: link broken a/o 11-21-2011 10:45 am., here is cache]:

But the traffic these [left-wing law professor] blogs generate is dwarfed, to be sure, by the crazed right-wing blogs, namely “Instapundit” (or “Insta-Ignorance” as we aptly dubbed it years ago), Althouse, the Volokh blog, and, more recently, “Legal Insurrection,” a blog by a clinical law professor at Cornell.

Key to the success of all these blogs is “Instapundit,” the  blog by the reprehensible University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, whose sui generis combination of ignorance and moral depravity has made him the mainstay of the far right blogosphere (well outside academia), and who links vigorously to any academic he can find who is benighted as he is.

I find it interesting that someone of Brian Leiter’s towering intellect and enormous influence worries about blog traffic.  Not that such things matter to me

I have only one concern.

At some point these acts of brazen viciousness are going to lead to a renewed philosophical interest in the question of when acts of political violence are morally justified.


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